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  1. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    Hi Guys, I have a weird problem here: qe/ci support once working but then disappearing again (card is an Asus 9600GT with 512MB). Installed the drivers as described above. Fan control worked but no qe/ci. Then I installed NVDarwin, still no qe/ci. I wandered around in Preferences when noticed that the top menubar's color changed to something transparent, checked in Profiler, and indeed, it showed both Quartz Extreme and Core e Image working. No idea what I did before that.. But after the next reboot, although fan control was still OK, qe/ci was again missing. Since then I was unable to get it working again. One thing to notice, may or may not be relevant: when I open the Screen saver prefplane, the default Flurry preview basically slows down my PC to zero. But if it's not the focused window, it does not.. Any ideas welcome.. Thanks!
  2. NVIDIA 9600GT

    More precisely, you can use it any (VESA?) resolution by editing your boot plist, but thats all. I use it in 1680x1050@32bit, obviously no qe/ci, and without a driver, the vga fan is extremely loud. Afterall it's good for browsing the web or alike.