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  1. could some one help me lol

    Hi could someone please be so kind to remind me how to hide and set Default partitions with a UUID of the hard drive with chameleon bootloader.. been bashing my head on the wall
  2. I think with the 4650 you gona have to add your device ID to the ati4600.kext ... unless apple has added it.. and then with that 4650 you may need a kext still just try it out and see.. if I had a 4650 I would help you test it out..
  3. well I can't say for sure but I know Mine does Mine is A His HD4670 Iceq 1GB Card.. whats yours
  4. Upgrade to 10.6.8 it may work out the box with out any injectors or enabler like my does now
  5. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    well dvd player crashes on me regardless if i have graphics enabler on or not so it not harming anything on my pc if its on or not.. as long as all my games work i am good.. and all my games do work.. heck seems to me i even get more performance on lion without the enabler than i did on Snow Leopard with the enabler
  6. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    The only app that doesn't work for me is dvd player even with the graphics enabler on.. and it also crashes on me in 10.6.8 also.. and I seen on the apple forums that real macs are also having the same issue with dvdv player with some ati cards so to me its normal until they fix dvd player so I have a fully working 4670 with no enablers or injectors :D
  7. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Just add that my HIS HD4670 Iceq 1GB Card works fully out of the box with no injector or Graphics enabler! way better start with it than on Snow Leopard in which it did not work until 10.6.5 woot looks like I am going to have a fully working lion install next month when they release it!
  8. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    well most people feel the same way like it its a waste of time.. IMHO.. but the truth of the matter is installing to the efi partition prevents you from "Accidentally" deleteing over writing and many other things.. like what if your main install crashed and you need to reinstall.... if you installed it to your EFI partition all you have to do is boot to your retail dvd with your boot cd then re format not Partition your drive and you Still will have your EFI partition intact and in the long run it saves you alot of time and headache and saves you from always having to reinstall chameleon.. Thats the Point of installing it to the EFI partition.. man I can't believe it hasn't really been that long since the efi thing came to fruition and people are already taking it for granted.. . well any way thats my 2 cent about the efi partition.. oh and btw I don't use the EFI my self.. but I did for a long while and I tell you it saved me a lot of headache.. Now I use my own Homemade Chameleon "E-Fix"..lol which is all e-fix is anyway..lol
  9. Is my system running in 64bit mode?

    yep mean your not running in 64bit.. make sure you don't have arch=i386 anywhere in your com.apple.Boot.plist if so delete it to run in 64bit.. i think chameleon boots 64bit by default at least on mine it does
  10. Have you guys ever wonder why apple sends apple logo stickers with the retail disk..lol I think they answered it for us
  11. why are ppl still using patched dvd when we can run untouched systems... the patched dvds are really only good for amd and p4 or the same...heck I even have an retail system running on a amd system.. just patched kernel.. I promise once you get one retail install setup it only gets easier then on..
  12. Just wandering has anybodyhere noticed powerPC app freaking fly in snow leopard?..cause I have a few apps that are Powerpc and the fly... {censored} they even run faster than what I remember them runing on my last mac which was a G5.. What up whit this I thought emulation was supposed to be slow? And this is also on noth but a 1.8 Ghz C2D but I do have an ass a ram do yall thing that has any thing to do with it? Give opions please and also your expirence Two more things I nothinced One it automaticly pics up on my Correct Ram speed with out a plist or kext and also for so strange reason My pc can not run it with out the intelpowermanagment.kext or it KP and also they only thing it does get wrong is my CPU speed.. and I went from have 9 kexts in my extra folder to just five....WOW better compatiblity..lol
  13. Pre-made Chameleon Boot CD Like Boot-132

    Oh Man Sorry Forgot to update post but yea Waiting on update from chameleon Site because there is a bug in the cd boot bootfile that needs to be fixed I will post once i get my hands on it
  14. Pre-made Chameleon Boot CD Like Boot-132

    I am almost done remaking the cd I found out why it reboots on The Retail DVDs is because I had to add the boot and boot1 files and one other along with the cdboot file on the disk to make it boot... I'll update once it is done.... And if anyone is wandering I was under the Impression that only the cdboot file had to be on it
  15. Pre-made Chameleon Boot CD Like Boot-132

    No There is a Bug In it I am trying to fix Now which I will update post when i Get The Bug Out... This same thing has been happening on mine too since I was told about it then I tested and got same thing...so I am fixing it now....update when i get it done