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  1. Any clue as to which kext you used? I just don't want to recreate the wheel. Thanks.
  2. Gigabyte H55N-USB3 Sleep

    Any update to this? I'm considering installing mavericks on my h55n, but no one has made a guide or tutorial.
  3. The 1201n User Experience

    Hi Guys (and possibly Gals), I would like to know your opinions of using snow leopard on the 1201n. Do things such as HD youtube work? Hulu? Veetle? Is it "studdery?" I currently have a 1000he, and it does not work with HD stuff and general experience is a little laggy. Things like numbers and pages work, but forget about searching through a big spreadsheet or zooming through a document. How does the 1201n compete with a low end mac mini? Thanks!
  4. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    First time hearing about the 1201n.... very intrigued since my 1000HE doesn't quite have the umpf to play 1080p. Anyway, I'd like to know your general user experience of the aforementioned netbook (1201n) with OSX installed. Is everything smooth? I'm assuming start up of certain bigger programs is slow, but could be solved with an SSD. What is your experience of playing videos? I know they work in windows, but does it work in OSX? Can I play 1080p youtube with no lag? If I were to get this laptop, I'm thinking about outfitting it with an SSD and 4gb of RAM. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks community!!!!
  5. Alienware M11X

    I'm thinking about purchasing an m11x. What hardware doesn't work? Does sleep work? Can you switch between graphics cards? Thanks!
  6. Snow Leopard on a m1730

    Not very well. I tried to create a custom DSDT and it totally crashed the system... that was a few months ago. I'm thinking of resurrecting the install, but need some guidance...
  7. Hello, I'm really close to completing a good installation of snow leopard on my Dell m1730. Here are the specifications on my laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme x9000 9800m gt's in SLi 4 gig's of ram BCM5751 ethernet Dell 2100 wifi I can get most of the things I need to work (ethernet and video) up to a usable point. The only things that I would like are the ability to sleep, wake, shutdown and restart. Wifi would be nice as well, but not completely necessary. All of this works in 32 bit mode. When I try to get the 64 bit mode, nothing works... not a big deal, but any hints on this? My main question, is there a standard way of enabling sleep, wake, shutdown and restart other than using kext's? If you're going to tell me to use the DSDT.aml method, is there a way to tell if the system is actually loading the DSDT.aml correctly? I've tried and still can't seem to get anything working. Any other hints would be great! Thanks!
  8. HOWTO Request: Dell m1730

    Hello again, This should be an easy one. I've decided to boot the 32 bit version of the kernel and it's working out pretty good so far. The only thing I can't get to work are the dang 9800gt's. I've tried the strings method, the nvinject thing and the nvenabler kext. Nvinject and nvenabler cause a blinking blue screen to occur. The strings method can boot all the way, but some of the features of the video card are missing (2d acceleration). Maybe it's a matter of getting the correct string? Are there any other methods? A few hints please. Thanks again!
  9. HOWTO Request: Dell m1730

    Sorry about that. Here are my specs: CPU: x9000 core 2 duo Chipset: ICH8M Graphics: 9800gt (2 EA) Ethernet: Broadcom 5751 Wireless: Dell 1395 Thanks again for your help.
  10. Hello, I've searched around the internet for about a month for a good tutorial specifically for the dell m1730 with almost nothing to show for it. I have successfully installed 10.6.2 on the m1730, but I can't get everything to work at one time. Sometimes the video card (9800gt, have 2 but understand sli won't work) but I can't get the ethernet to work. Or I'll get the ethernet to work, but it'll conflict with the ichx kext. Is there a list of kext's that I should use with the m1730? Also, I guess I need to stick with 32 bit instead of the 64 bit flavor huh? If a tutorial already exists, I would appreciate a link or guidance. Thank you!!!!
  11. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Update, and shutdown finally works!!! I copied evoreboot.kext to S/L/E, ran kext utility and it all works now!!! Thank you for your patience and help.
  12. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Maybe I should check if openhalt.kext is installed correctly in Extras/Extensions.mkext? Is it possible to put it in S/L/E? The shutdown problem only arose after the 10.6.2 update. Thanks again for your hints. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  13. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Thanks for the reply MoonDogg. So I followed your guide to the last letter 3 times now. Here's what I did. The first time I fudged it by not installing the update bootloader. I finally got a boot image and installed netbook installer 0.83 FINAL (problems with this one?). I completely removed the Extra folder and installed to bootloader and general extensions only. I copied over the updated Extensions.mkext to the Extra folder. I reinstalled the bluetooth and Ethernet using the kext helper. I then ran the kext utility. Everything works except for the shutdown! What happens when I click shutdown, the screen goes black but the machine keeps running. I have to manually hold the power button down to turn the machine off. Any hint at what I'm doing wrong will be greatly appreciated. Please help. Thank you.
  14. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    I just wanted to confirm with everyone that a 1000HE + 10.6.2 does shutdown properly. If this is true, are there any hints anyone can add to help me with my shutdown problem? Thanks.
  15. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Another "problem with shutdown" issue. I just updated to 10.6.2 and everything works except for the shutdown. The computer hangs until I hold the power button to manually shut it down. I've scanned the forums and it seems that the only fix is to replace the IOBluetooth kext's, which I have already done. In fact I've replaced the IOBluetooth, ethernet kext's and ran the update kext in the extra's folder. Shutdown does not want to function. Any other ideas? UPDATE: I completely deleted and updated the Extra's folder via netbook installer app (and extensions.mkext) and reinstalled all kext's and the shutdown problem is still there. UPDATE 2: I forgot to include that I'm using the latest netbook installer 0.83 FINAL... maybe I should go down to RC5 or RC4? UPDATE 3: If I put the 1000he to sleep then wake it up, the shutdown function works!!! What's going on?!?!? PS - Restart and sleep (and wake up) all function as they're supposed to. Thanks!