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  1. efi partion usb window 10

    i all ways see videos or people say efi usb partion as am on window 10 i never see that partion on window 10 as when i go disk management i see it i have one but i am not allowed to open is there anything i can do or software to let me edit it
  2. I am on vmware plaeyer 12 running macos sierra i try to make bootable and it wont read terminal cant find it or software it says invalid installer do i need to do it on window to make work correctly
  3. can this work with asus hero vi this guide my parts are intel i7 4790k 16 ram corsair ddr3 asus maximus VI hero 660 gtx evga ssd 940 evo os installer 1tb hardrive storage's
  4. i want to make hackingtosh i see there 10.13 not sure how good is haswell on modern build and how many things do i need are 3 usb enough for this my parts are intel i7 4790k 16 ram corsair ddr3 asus maximus VI hero 660 gtx evga ssd 940 evo os installer 1tb hardrive storages
  5. Patch for using NVMe under macOS Sierra is ready.

    did i do something wrong my usb installer can read m.2 and erease format them and do anything with it but when i remove the usb it freezes and circle with line and i see one of the applenvme asser failed result startfaiulreexit file: buildroot/library/caches
  6. what does this mean?

    i have a 960 evo 500gb forms Samsung my usb can read it but when i try installing it when i remove the usb it freezes and gives me circle with line and some failures build 370x asrock ryzen 1800x 32gb ram 960 evo m.2
  7. Patch for using NVMe under macOS Sierra is ready.

    try looking through all the option in detail..should be there. Looks similar to this _SB_.PCI0.RP09.PXSX i dont see any bios or value can some one help me find the number to do this i got a 960 evo 500gb m.2 on window 10 You need to copy the patched kext + ssdt-nvme-pcc.aml to the installed drive EFI partition. Make sure to add the ssdt-nvme-pcc.aml to the ssdt sortedorder of the Config file
  8. ssd m.2 dsdt help

    how do i start as this little confusing as my a window 10 person i dont really with code so can some one help we can use i got team wavier as let you see my computer so we both can work on it the 960 evo samsung https://github.com/RehabMan/patch-nvme -------------------------------------
  9. i want to make hackintosh ryzen with 8 core 16 treats and multi boot window 10 with m.2 samsung 500gb and 2 2tb firecudas hard drives. So is there a easy guide or full installation video of this take one by step in easy words without sounding different languages as i am itt tech person but i am no nerd? Anyone here use teamviewer can someone support me how to do it or check if it correct and we can talk skype telegram discord google hangout? I try amdosx forum clover clover v2 enoch kinda still confuse how to use all setting and themes as i want something easy like boot automatic clover theme and let me pick what os i want?
  10. 970 gtx automatic resolution

    each time i try to boot on partition on usb to boot macos my 970 gtx goes 1080 or 5mb and not full support until i write on options on nvaflag=1 nvda_drv=1 is there way all ways to get 1980x1080 without doing manually on legacy and uefi as it pain to do it each reboot?
  11. Introduce yourself

    hello am i want to try hackintosh and looking for friends to help me out and any hackintosh fans from chicago IL