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  1. thats a kernel panic. were you using any boot flags before you updated chameleon?
  2. Installed fine, but doesnt get to a MBR

    it seems as though when it installed it didnt set the partition as active or bootable. you just need to pop in the dvd. boot it up and goto terminal and use fdisk to set the partition as active
  3. How do I edit system files from a liveCD?

    linux cant mount a HFS+ drive with read write. you have to boot a OSX dvd and goto disk utility. turn off journaling for the drive. then you can mount it with read write and fix the file
  4. LONG boot time

    mines the same way i was going to start a thread but ill just iggy back off yours. i installed with a 10.5.6 of iATKOS. but it has the same hang. so i dont think its the specific release now. im running a desktop with a 2.2 GHz 450
  5. nVidia 9800 GT 1GB DDR3

    Can anyone help me get the S-Video component out on this card? if you need specs just ask.
  6. [Help] How to change resolution?

    If by ati 4850 you mean the ATI Radeon HD 4850, then you have to install the correct EFI strings for leopard to recognize the capabilities of the card. Maybe if you did a little research before instantly asking for help you would have found this, netkas.org just click the link and read. I did not read it as i have an nVIDIA card which was already fully supported by leopard.
  7. k so i have a quick question. if i were to do a time machine backup, then raid my 16 gb SSD with an 8 gb flash drive and have a 24 gb drive, would TM let me restore to the new RAID drive? i just want to make sure before i try. thanks, Gabe
  8. HP Mini 1000 series. got the 10.5.8 update working!

    No. my model does not have the modem.
  9. HP Mini 1000 series. got the 10.5.8 update working!

    i apologize for the delay, first off with the display just reinstall the video drivers, try the ones posted at the bottom. bluetooth, i cannot say, my model doesnt have bluetooth. sleep hasnt worked in a while. lol and i havent gotten any info on the mic. so the only thing your down is graphics and bluetooth. ill post the display drivers i used Display_Kexts.zip
  10. HP mini 1000 sleep issue

    look at sig for hardware. anyway, im having some serious issues with sleep. when i close my lid it goes to sleep and i have to do a hard shutdown and restart it. i have been using a program called caffeine. but for some reason, as of late its not working. every other app ive tried to prevent sleep wont even start up. any body care to help me please? i use my mini for school so i can afford the time to keep turning it on and off. thank you, Gabe
  11. iTunes Error (-50) when trying up authorize

    Worked for me aswell! thank you!
  12. Yea i now have a hardware UUID and is was not there before haha. but i will have to try out the netflix thing. i havent even tried streaming to my comp yet. i just do it to my xbox haha
  13. I have an HP Mini 1030NR with the new 10.5.8 update running no problems. if anyone has problems ask me and ill try to help you!!
  14. HP mini 1000 Ports not working

    yea my HP mini 1030NR does that sometimes. just completely power off the drive and computer for a few minutes, then try again. if you think its the drive try it on a different computer and see if it reads any disc. if it does work, Try booting the install disk with the -v -x commands. that will make it boot verbose (which wil be all text like) (and safe mode) if it still doesnt work let me know
  15. Once its works- Can you install new drivers?

    just pop in an installation disk & look for the .pkg files for whatever you want to install thats how i gor all my stuff to work after a clean install