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  1. I have win 7 and 10.5.8 on one hdd and snow leo on another in snow leo i cannot mount my win7 partition although not a major problem it would be nice to play music etc from it in snow leo anyone any ideas?
  2. 10.2 inch tablet for SL

    For those that were having a look i've got some progress i installed snow leo to usb drive and used the install automator from dj nighthawk to make it bootable etc. After using disabler.kext and deleting the dsdt.aml produced by the install automator i can boot into snow leo and whats better is the touch screen drivers work. I'll try and sort audio, gfx and the 3g modem later. The wifi card will need replacing but it's only 5 screws away and easily accessible. I'll also install it to the hdd's mbr using a modified osinstall.mpkg later as it doesn't run so fast from usb and took ages to install the touch screen package. I think it will work a treat once necessary kexts installed
  3. Snow Leopard on Toshiba A300

    Did you have any luck with getting snow installed? i can't get my installer up and running (system uptime in nanoseconds panic) at the moment but will give it some time this weekend and post back any results i get. i currently have 10.5.8 installed on it as part of a tri boot set up but i used a distro for that.
  4. Getting Snow Leopard to recognize your CPU

    Cheers for that. I did wonder why i couldn't find it I'll give it a go in a bit EDIT: show all files didn't uncover smbios.plist so i ended up using the kext
  5. Getting Snow Leopard to recognize your CPU

    i don't have smbios.plist anywhere to edit i have it on my leo install but not on snow leo???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as currently my about this mac shows 3.1ghz unknown and 4gb sdram Great work DigitalDJ btw
  6. Tri boot with 2 HDD using easybcd

    Hi yochino, By seperate do you mean you have 2hdd in one pc? If so and you have chameleon installed to the second hdd with leo installed just go into your bios and swap which hdd boots first. That way chameleon will pop up and you'll be able to choose osx or win7 (to load win7 you'll need to select system reserved as that's where it's boot config is)
  7. I have 2 HDD in my rig. The first has win7 and Leo 10.5.8 and the second has Snow Leo. I use easybcd beta2 to boot into either win7 or leo on the first hdd and the leo partition has chameleon 2 installed which i use to boot snow leo. All that works a treat but what i'd like to be able to do is add snow leo on the second hdd to the bcd on the first hdd so when i boot i am offered all three. The reason i want to use easybcd is that it has an app called ireboot which can be used to boot any os included on reboot. This will enable me to remotely boot whichever os i like when needed by simply restarting from within win7 and choosing either leo or snow leo. I just can't suss out how to add it Anyone else trying to do this or sussed it out? pointers greatly appreciated
  8. Help with Snow Leopard + 9800GT

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190308 Might work for you too
  9. 10.2 inch tablet for SL

    well it looks like a goer as the innternals are easy to get at/swap ad the touch screen manufacturers have made a snow leo driver just need to find an mbr osinstall.mpkg that works
  10. wifi now sorted too used an old peak dongle and installed the ralink client only works 32bit but that's good enough for me. time for some beer
  11. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    on snow leo i used osx86 tools to import the efi string for an 8600gt and my 9500gt now works with qe/ci. result
  12. Pleasure For those interested i got my video card (9500gt 1gb) working by taking a punt and installing the 8600gt 1gb efi string from osx86 tools I fresh installed it rather than running the one on my leo partition and it worked fine. I have only tried the vga out. qe/ce enabled themselves on reboot Wifi is being an arse where do i find my id to add to the airportatheros.kext? i'm using a usb atheros so i think it may be the wrong thing to do anyway?
  13. install easybcd 2 beta to win7 and add an mbr entry for osx @dj nitehawk cheers for the advice. i'll post back if it works worth pointing out none of my issues are related to the automater apologies for the brief hijack EasyBCD_2.0_Beta___Build_53.exe
  14. Cheers for the reply I have sorted the not being able to boot 32bit by not transferribg files and setting etc from my leo build. Now i can try and sort the other two niggles out. i tried to add an efi string from osx86 tools but it errored out (will post later) and i will try doing it with the other two tools you suggested. the wifi is not working in 32 bit but i now have a starting point to try and sort it. there seem to be others having issues with atheros cards that used to work in leo . Mines 5007ug fwiw. i have used a zydas1211.kext as it has it's own connection manager. i'll try with airportatheros.kext. I've no idea why the transfer messed up 32 bit booting i'd have thought it would have been 64bit if anything. cheers for the help it's very much appreciated
  15. Why use an USB/memory/stick/pendrive etc etc

    i have 2 hdd in my rig and have the first configured with system reserved>win7>leo>data partitions and tried a couple of times using various guides to install snow leopard to the second empty hdd from leo. each time it mullered my bootloader on the first hdd win7 bootloader with osx entry via easybcd beta 2. i didn't point any of the install to this drive, simply installed chameleon and snow leo to the second drive, so started getting a little irate. in the end i partitioned the second drive snow leo>data>mac install dvd(10gb) and restored the retail dvd to the last partion. Made that partition bootable by installing chameleon and then installed from there. win7 and leo now booting fine from first hdd and snow leo booting from the chameleon bootloader installed on my leo partition god knows why it didn't work for me from leo but it didn't. benefit of the way i did it in the end was for preinstall tweaking and reinstalling if the tweaking after install went bandy