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  1. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    Installed this, rebooted. Once the spinning thing with apple logo goes away the screen stays gray with tiny little pixelated areas that move as I move my mouse around. Had to use the same method as #3 in original post to even use OS X again. Any idea what's wrong? I have a VisionTek 4870 HD.
  2. Can this build run OS X? https://secure.newegg.com/NewVersion/Wishli...+%2D+Unverified If not, what should I change?
  3. Toshiba issues

  4. Toshiba issues

    No one? Come on.
  5. WiFi

    Do you guys know a good USB, PCMIA or the tiny PCMIA on the bottom of laptops WiFi card that works with OS X? Thanks -Rob
  6. Toshiba issues

    Last time I tried and installed on my Toshiba M45 I had issues. The only successful installation I have ever had was deadmoo, and that is very outdated. What version should I try? I really want OS X.
  7. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    Umm, OK. Problem, I don't have a IO80211Family.kext file. :\
  8. Anyone? I really need help, I have no idea what it wrong.
  9. Wait a sec, yes I do. I'll have to reinstall that patch later... Nope, it can't. Anything else I can do?
  10. OK, I decided to go ahead and boot in -v mode, and got a really strage error I have not heard of here. Pics or error: http://robm.drunkencoders.com/osx86/ Any ideas?
  11. Kernel Panick on boot Mac OS X

    Is it a laptop?
  12. Kernel Panick on boot Mac OS X

    What image are you using? JaS?
  13. Kernel Panick on boot Mac OS X

    No no, what patches are you selecting, and what ones are you not in the OS X install?