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  1. Absolutt interessant! Det må vel være noen fra Norske her på forumet. Hva er adressen til siden du holder på med?
  2. I know the MoBo has no saying in the noise-level, but i've done some researh on silentreviewpc.com, and the Antec P182 case is getting good reviews on not letting to much sound out. My current case lets out much noise, and the building quality is not so good. Meaning that doors and such vibrates and makes noise. But this is another subject. My thoughts of a new MoBo was getting a more osx-friendly board, with more Sata-ports on it, and working on board ethernet. I only have 4 Sata's at the moment. So the Gigabyte ds3 leaves me with one extra Sata, 6 Sata minus 1 Sata for DVD. The 4 GB issue is innoying!! So your board works with 4GB RAM+ as long as you only use the 6 Intel Sata ports and no IDE? Guess i'll do some researh on new MoBo's. Can never get enough Sata controllers!
  3. @ Mysticus C Would you recommend your new Gigabyte card for osx? The reason i'm asking, is because i'm planning to buy a new case for my computer to make it less noisy. So I was thinking if I were to change my MoBo to a more osx friendly board, this would be the time to do it. I would need a Sata DVD aswell? Are you planning a guide for your new MoBo aswell?
  4. I've read there has been some issues with the DVD-rom "falling asleep" during installation due to inactivity. Try to move your mouse-cursor around the screen every other minute during the installation. Hope this helps. PS Anyone gotten arount to test the new iATKOS v2 release? It was made available yesterday i think.
  5. Allright, thanks for the input on the "mousefreeze" issue guys! I will try to get a hold of a netgear usb wireless and do a reinstall. I used the 8139 driver as well, so hopefully that is it. For the issue with some HDD's not booting using iATKOS, I had the same problem. However, it would boot if i changed the bootloader from EFI to Darwin. But Kalyway is probably the preferred installdisc now.
  6. Hi,I followed Mysticus C's instructions in post#2. Which says: There is a also a link to the package you need in post#2. Hope can get it to work. The iATKOS install is also making my mouse go crazy at the moment. Both installations contained the nvinject 320mb driver, so i'm thinking (and hoping) that this might be the key. I'll do some reinstalls and let you guys know. Might be a while though, got some exams coming up, so I really should concentrate on them...
  7. Here's an update of my situation. After some problems with iATKOS r3, I tried Kalyway 10.5.2. This installed and booted just fine. Then I fixed the USB-mounting issue and downgraded from 4gb to 2gb ram. But after a while the mouse cursor went crazy. It's like it freezes and it will react to any movement. The keyboard works fine though. I tried different mouses, but the same problem. The problem comes and goes, and sometimes it just goes away, but mostly I have to do a reboot. I searced the forum, and googled it alot, but i could not find any solutions to the problem. I did plenty of reinstalls to, one with no extra programs, but I would still have the problem. So if anybody has the same problem, and has got a magical solution, shout out. So I figured I would try the iATKOS version one more time. This time the iATKOS worked fine. no mouse problems at all (for now). So now I am just contemplating installing the 10.5.2 update, but I am afraid that the 10.5.2 would mess up my mouse again. Any thoughts about that? I'm using dualboot with Vista x64 using EasyBCD to configure the dualboot.
  8. Hi, I got the Kalway 10.5.2 disc to work using Mysticus C's new guide for Kalway (late) in post 2. The only things not working, is onboard LAN and onboard Sound. Luckily i have an extra LAN installed and an external SB! Live USB soundcard, which both worked perfect. I can give furher impressions after a while, just need to play around a bit, since I am pretty new OS X. Also installed Ubuntu 8.04, and i am currently using Grub boot loader, which also works quite well. I had some problems booting in to OS X when i used the iATKOS method, seemed like the bootloader didn't load or something, i just got a blinking cursor (tried installing both bootloaders), but with the Kalway instalation it worked just fine. See sig for specs, and again, thanks for a great guide Mysticus C.
  9. Thanks for a quick reply (and a great guide)! I know the differnce between IDE and Sata, but it has been so long since i build my computer, and i don't remember if I used Sata or IDE on the DVD-RW. But i opened my computer up, and it is IDE (woho!). I managed to install 10.4.7 om my Inspiron 6000, but with no wifi-support and 1280x800 instead of 1680x1050, i'll stick with XP on that and save up for a Macbook. So I hope i'll have better luck with my desktop.
  10. Hi, I have heard good things about OS X, and I want to try it. When i found out it is possible to install it on a regular computer, my computer, i became very exited. I've read first posts a couple of times, and i've read some of the topic i generel. As you can see i my signature I only have Sata disks. I was thinking of installing OS X on my 160 GB Sata. If I understood it correctly I can use Sata, but it's more safe with IDE? I think my DVD-rom is IDE, but i'm not 100% sure. Where can I check if it is IDE or not? I have downloaded iATKOS_v1.0ir2.iso , how can I patch this to the right version? I want to have a dualboot with Vista Home Premium 64-bit, which is installed on my computer now. Is my system compatible like it is now?