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Ben Eyre

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  1. mine updated fine though now my Azilla Audio Dosnt Work, how ever this could just be a plist edit now i will report back whilst my sleep still works, it's currently not restarting properly..... will check shutdown, and if neccary will reinstall the kext pagages that worked on 5.7 ok so shutdown works correctly its just the restart is has a issue with....... any idears? ok a simple reinstall of the kext package from hmiller, and my azallia audio, & restart works a treat. again now
  2. boot -v, i would sujest you remove AppleIntelIntergratedFramebuffer.kext, and IntelGMAX3100FB.kext they have been known to cause problems, and since you dont need them as this dosnt have a gma x3100 its not a problem, also try reinstalling the kexts from the archive i posted above useing kext helper, it has the confirmed working on 9300 as posted my hmiller attached.... that would be my first port of call, i will let you know how mine goes when i update to 10.5.8 later today Ben
  3. anyway check the Zotac 9300 GUIDE post on page 5, to a link to the drivers (for working audio) 100% working except for mic, and it dosnt require any injectors, just this one file make sure you install it with kext helper Ben
  4. also ****AUDIO UPDATE**** delete any Voodoo HDA, as it dosnt work only get static, remove applehda kext file and install with kext help the AppleAzillaAudio.kext attached..... also remove ALCInject if its installed what this will give you is line out, but no mic but least the sound works Ben AppleAzaliaAudio.kext.zip
  5. Actually it does wake via USB....... useing the latest bios from the zotac website you wont see wake via usb in the bios but if you set power management to S1, in the bios and then useing the kexts you supplyed, and tell the hackintosh to sleep on 10.5.7 the computer goes to sleep and will not wake up unless you click the mouse, and for this i was useing a microsoft usb optical mouse, click the button and the hackintosh wakes from sleep so your wrong it will wake via usb Ben p.s this was tested on a REV 01 motherboard, so yes it works on a rev 01 mobo its not just limited to rev 03 as hackpromini sujested......... :-D
  6. actually your wrong, i have REV 01, and latest bios, even though the bios dosnt support wake via usb if you set your power mangement in the bios to S1, and use the kexts suppled by hmiller, then you tell the hackintosh to sleep, and click your usb mouse and she will fire right up again........ has been tested mouse used microsoft optical mouse usb...... so i think your post is slightly incorrect, as for dual dvi link thats not important to me as i need the x16 slot for my dell TK208 card so i can have airport just my 2pence worth Ben