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  1. hey also it seems I can't read or write off of my card after a couple minutes or if I try to copy a large file. is there a fix?
  2. applehda sound glitch? help

    I used a different kext patch and it fixed It .solved
  3. AppleHDA popping sound help

    hello I made a new post about my problem in the new users lounge with a more updated description since I got the sound to work. could you help me out with that problem? sorry I am not sure how or if I can delete this post
  4. applehda sound glitch? help

    okay so I patched my applehda and apparently the sound works.. but only if I close my laptop wait a couple seconds for my speakers to pop and then open the laptop again? anyone have any experience with this? (there was a similar situation I had where the screen was all garbled up unless in closed and opened my laptop, I fixed that with a intelgraphicsfix kext I think.. maybe there is a similar fix?)
  5. okay so it works after I restarted my laptop like twice but on another note the read/write speed are only like 8mbps ? is that normal? I mean I guess it doesn't truly matter as long as I can get my photos off of my sd card. just wanted to know if that is normal?
  6. increase integrated graphics vram help

    ohh okay sorry there is where I got confused haha I thought I was suppose to see all of those different layouts. I patched it and it worked! thank you!
  7. AppleHDA popping sound help

    okay so I patched applehda and apparently it works? but there is no sound. when I laptop turns on and I log into my macOS there is a pop in my internal speakers. does anyone no why? I think this pop/crack is stopping my audio or something.
  8. increase integrated graphics vram help

    also could you let me in on some info really quick? thank you, it would help. okay so I downloaded a hex editor app called hex fiend and I opened the appleintelazulframebuffer.kext and I found the stuff you where talking about at offset 1381216 but the next thing you said about finding the allocation numbers :40 60 80 . ​I did not see anything of that nature. do I have to look somewhere else to find this? I only see all of these numbers and letters like how your picture showed. and to the right of these rows and columns of numbers and letters in a display box with a bunch of random words and addresses. ​by the way I have never used a hex editor before so this my be why I'm a little confused haha. or if its to much to explain to a noob if you could link something that could help me better understand that would be greatly appreciated. thanks again
  9. AppleHDA Patcher help

    hello i am on a laptop and i am wondering if anybody knows of a guide on how to patch applehda using the appleha patcher tool. i tryed two times already and have failed both times. so there might be something i am missing :/. i saw two youtube tutorials and tried both but i still never got the audio to work. maybe im missing something a guide could help me out on. thank you
  10. increase integrated graphics vram help

    hey thank you so much on the knowledge! I will try this out soon! you're the best!
  11. increase integrated graphics vram help

    hmm thank you. I will read those links you posted and I just want more vram for video editing really the only reason why
  12. hello I am using a laptop and using the ig-platform-id 0x0a260006. I have a intel hd4600 graphics on my intel 17-4710hq cpu and currently I only have 1536mb of ram but the max my graphics can support is 2GB so I need a point in the right direction of how to go about changing this so that I can utilize all 2GB of possible intel integrated graphics. I'm trying to learn some stuff!!! is there a patch I need to create? is there some code I need to edit? anything helps as I am new to hackintosh. I just installed mines like a week ago. thanks anyone for the help.