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  1. Lifebook A6110 Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 2Gb GMA X3100 etc Installed Kalway 10.5.2, on boot gets past grey apple screen, then white screen with black stripe. Tried second screen, it is blank. Suggested is removal of certain .kexts, only way to replace these is to boot via DVD and open a terminal, however I'm flying blind here looking for the appropriate files. Can anyone help with appropriate directory and file names, along with how to remove and replace .kexts. Everything post in this forum seems to be predicated on a working system. The ridiculous thing is that when setting up from DVD everything appears to be working, so working files are there, but which ones to use??? TIA
  2. Interesting specs for this notebook, just picked one up today for $465. Looks like Fujitsu is clearing inventory prior to mid year accounting- there is a mix of units coming up - watch the specs as some are slower processor. Core 2 Duo T5550 (1.83 2mb l2 cache) 2 GB Ram 200Gb S-ATA Drive Chipset: Intel 965PM Video Controller: GMA X3100 Audio: Realtek ALC262 Onboard Lan: Marvell Gigabit Ethernet Lan (88E8055) Wireless: Atheros Super AG The usual suspects for the rest. Horse traded my aging Thinkpad X40 for it, more weight to lug around, but I'm no longer a road warrior so it doesn't matter. Can anyone advise which version would be the best install - currently running Leo4AllV3 on a reworked Dell 8400.
  3. Hard to believe but update in the works

    Get them before they go. Sick of trying to get your X300 working with more resolution options? Newegg have a great special on a 7300GT 256Mb - installed one this afternoon, loaded NVInject with all drivers then installed and booted. It works without any drama. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814500033 $19.99 ($29.99 less $10 rebate)
  4. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    I reinstalled Leo4AllV3 on my Dell Dimension 8400 after installing 2gb of ram, 160gb sata drive, and a new network card. Audigy sound card removed and Broadcom onboard nic disabled. Seamless install (thanks Eddie) everything recognized without further patching. Startech USB sound device - works brilliantly - $11.99 from Newegg - recognised immediately. Network card - Encore ENL832-TX-RENT $7.99 from Newegg loaded in install - no problems. The onboard x300 video will only display 1024x768 - anyone have a workaround? Occasionally goes into some form of loop, particularly when starting up Entourage - Microsoft problem, or other? Other than the above, works well, reasonably fast.
  5. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Hey Will Sound like we have the same configuration - but I dont have the Nvidia card - mine is an ATI X300SE, we have similar problems. Eddie was kind enough to point me in the right direction, you'll need to load the right chipset drivers for the system, in my case it was VIA-SB and the Intel drivers (via 3rd party in customization menu). There is supposedly a fix floating around here for the Broadcomm onboard nic, I spent a couple of hours reading today, and in the end decided to stop rotting my time and to buy a compatible network card. Cost me all of $7.99, the sound card is a lost cause as well, so I got myself a USB sound card for $11.99. Of course it didn't stop there, the kid in the candy store took over and approx $125 later... I know as someone else pointed out "where is the fun in that" meaning getting a workaround product - the same question could be asked of bashing your head up against a wall.
  6. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Tried searching the wiki, can't find anything relevant to my problem. Thanks for your help, perhaps I'll have better luck with Kalyway.
  7. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Thanks, I searched the wiki found this... <h2 id="toc2">I am stuck at waiting for root device…</h2> Your SATA and/or IDE chipset is most likely not currently supported in Leopard. How can this be, the DVD installing Leopard recognises the drive, I'm able to erase the drive in drive utilities, the dvd installs successfully without any error messages, but it stalls on reboot "waiting for root device" I've moved the ide drive up the startup list, it is now sitting 2nd (after CD rom).
  8. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Disabled onboard nic in bios. Now repeats... Still waiting for root device.
  9. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Stalling on reboot after successful install Stalls on the following line... AppleBCM5751Ethernet: 1 1659 setPowerLevels - returning early, have a 5721. onoff=, fPciDeviceId= this repeats three times then it stalls and freezes. Dell 8400 P4 3.2 DT 80gb ide drive ATI x300