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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Thanks!!!!! Now that I know it, I'll try to fix my friend's one too. Thanks again :censored2: :censored2:
  2. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    What AppleHDAPatcher messes up? I'm trying to get audio working on a friend's Dell with Semthex 8.8.1. It only caused Kernel Panics (as stated in the main post) so I tried to patch AppleHDA.kext in my iMac. It messed everything up (as I expected) but I thought that just restoring AppleHDA.kext would be enough. Well, I was completely wrong. I have reinstalled 10.4.9 Combo and it didn't do the trick neither. What else does it patch the AppleHDAPatcher? Integrated speakers and microphone are completely missing. (BTW, it didn't work with the other computer) Thanks in advance!!
  3. MSN on BootCamp

    MSN 7.5 works great for me with another webcam, but I had to disable iSight before because I was having a lot of troubles
  4. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    That's claiming for a torrent file... and congratulations Blanka and narf!!!!! (although I own a 20" iMac, lol)
  5. BAMBIOS: BIOS emulator for EFI

    Well, they say on their mini-presentation that it uses "Bochs BIOS core extended and customized for the Intel 945 Express chipset", so maybe it won't be so limited. Anyway, it seems like they have announced this because of narfs recent shots. The website says almost nothing about BAMBIOS (because everybody already knew that it was needed a legacy-bios and VGA module for EFI). And in their forum there are many people asking for being testers and all of them have been rejected because "it isn't testable yet". Why people is flaming narf shots? they look really bad, but it's much more than what BAMBIOS has proved. Don't missinterpretate me, I don't believe BAMBIOS is not a great idea, but it really looks like they have announced it before having something because they see they're going to miss the contest.
  6. If you are talking about the 'winxponmac.com' prize, it's specifically related to XP. Anyway it would be for charity (I guess)
  7. Should it have appeared something after that sentence?
  8. Hi again, I've been surfing a little bit and I have found something that I don't remember if you have talked about it already (so if you have, sorry, don't flame me) http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers...3&uid=113110586 That's a download link for a Gateway 610 BIOS Update. Are there Gateway 610 computers without EFI but only BIOS? Or they just call them all BIOS? Well, anyway that's the link and I hope we can get something from it. There are also chipset drivers, but they aren't very useful: http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers...2&uid=113110966 By the way... Is there some sort of IRC room of OSX86project? That way it might be useful have some encounters between those who own a new iMac (mine is coming next week, I guess) and those who want to help. Just my Well, that's all, tell me if can we get something from the BIOS dump
  9. Vista booting on iMac

    Shouldn't you have called the post "Trying to boot Vista in iMac" or "Vista almost booted but no video support"? It's very disappointing to read posts with this kind ot titles.
  10. Another (possible) dual booting guide

    Let me remind you that if we can't boot XP (actually almost any OS) in our new Macs is because Apple hasn't completely implemented the standard EFI(i.e. CSM support and so on...). As you say, they have just implemented what they liked. I'm not flaming Apple, but flaming MS because they *might* do something that Apple has done almost yesterday is sooo unfair.