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  1. Hello to all you people that are much smarter that me !! I could probably eventually figure this out, it would take me a very long time and thats what i dont have much of at the minute ... but why waste the time when I am sure someone knows the and answer already or would at lest be have a an idea of how to do this.... Hopefully I can explain this clearly .... Here is what I am looking for .... is an APP or script that will allow To copy and past a set of PDF's and into a new subfolder but using a CSV file to dictate how many times any one particular PDF into said folder. for example: "Folder 2020" ^ Subfolder "PDF's" 2020 A01.pdf 2020 A02.pdf 2020 A03.pdf 2020 A04.pdf 2020 A05.pdf 2020 A06.pdf **CSV file in the folder** CSV File Info: Column1 Design Code 2020 A01 2020 A02 2020 A03 2020 A04 2020 A05 2020 A05 Column 2 Count 2 1 4 3 1 4 An app I can launch (desktop) ...... 1. that will prompt me to choose a CSV file from a folder ... which will give the command information: 2.Choose the CSV file.... 3. Run Application.... 4. App would then create a new sub folder called "binder 2020" for example. It would then copy the pdf listed in the CSV file from sub folder "PDF's" into this new Subfolder "binder 2020" and multiple times according to the number in the "count" column in the CSV file .. end result: subfolder "binder 2020" 2020 A01.PDF 2020 A01.PDF2 2020 A02.PDF 2020 A03.PDF 2020 A03.PDF2 2020 A03.PDF3 2020 A03.PDF4 2020 A04.PDF 2020 A04.PDF2 2020 A04.PDF3 2020 A05.PDF 2020 A06.PDF 2020 A06.PDF2 2020 A06.PDF3 2020 A06.PDF4 Hopefully that is clear I would really appreciate any input, suggestions, or point me in the correct direction ... thank you all for your time - its much appreciated