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    Wineskin Unofficial Update

    Last Updated - February 25th/2019 Current version Wineskin-2.8.9 This project is to be used as a replacement for the official version of Wineskin from doh123 as that has not been updated since 2015. This project functions on OSX 10.8 to macOS10.14. Wine versions are downloaded from Winehq and repackeged on your own system into Engines to be used with Wineskin Winery. List of modifications in the Wineskin App (WineskinApp) The Auto-detect GPU feature should never cause malfunction in the port; The Auto-detect GPU feature should have a much bigger accuracy and detect the memory size of integrated video cards as well; The Retina Mode can be enabled from the Screen Options window; Kill Wineskin Processes should kill ALL Wineskin processes. Images (not .icns files) should also be accepted has wrapper icons; LNK files should be able to be selected as a port's run path, so Wineskin can extract the path and flags from it; Winetricks installation can be silent (with no windows) so it's much faster; Disables X11 option if XQuartz is not installed. The first Advanced tab (Configuration) should be much more simple in the first section: The Windows EXE should use Wineskin syntax, including the drive and the flags, (eg. "C:/Program Files/temp.exe" --run) instead of using a macOS reference path (eg. /Program Files/temp.exe) and the flag apart (eg. --run). Advanced Tab "Disabled Gecko installation" checkbox (allows install to be enabled for "Wrapper Refresh" ) Able to detect XQuartz installed via macports Integrated fntoggle directly into Wineskin.app, now you can have Standard F keys during wrapper usage. Wine versions not compatible with "mac driver" will have that option disabled. Fixed a long standing bug from official Wineskin "Command Line Wine Test" now works as intended. Ability to map Command as Ctrl (wine 3.17 and above) Ability to map Option as Alt (wine 1.7.4 and above) No longer alters "EXE Flags" meaning if you require a "/" it's no longer changed to a "\" List of modifications for the Master Wrapper (WineskinLauncher) Many fixes when dealing with newest engines. Closes XQuartz on exit if used. Mono is never installed. Able to use XQuartz installed via macports fntoggle will be set on launch and unset on wrapper exit. (If enabled from wineskin.app) gnuTLS included so supported engines can use it, aka using WineCX17.5.1 Steam will download again. Added ffmpeg- removed for the moment Now adds ntlm_auth on Engine change Now checks /opt/Wineskin/lib" for dylib's Added a fixed version of NCurses without this the fixed "Command Line Wine Test" will give terminal errors Gnutls support requires OSX10.9! Bundle ID is now generated from wineserverName instead of wineName Added a missing symlink for the Frameworks version of Gnutls List of modifications in the Winery App Improved - Engine Ordering. Connects to custom WineskinServer. Downloads engines hosted on WineskinServer. Directly download current "Unofficial Master Wrapper Version" "Update" feature will display when new "unofficial Wineskin Winery.app" version is available Wine versions that Require XQuartz to function are hidden by default. Able to read from a local EngineList.txt (in the same folder as Winery.app) Download and repack Engines from winehq Rebuild using Xcode10, now supports “Dark Mode” when using Mojave Correctly downloads engines again on OSX10.8 With a minimum requirement of macOS/OSX 10.8. With a recommended requirement of macOS/OSX 10.9. Download; Unofficial Wineskin Winery.app Using the above just download then run, directly download the current master wrapper Don't use keka to unpack as it currently breaks any downloaded applications after unpacking! About Local EngineList.txt feature; This feature was added so winery.app can read a local EngineList.txt file, create a text file with that name in the save directory as winery.app this will now override the copy hosted on GitHub , follow the correct Wineskin engine naming style to download Wine to be repacked into Engines. Please make sure to clear out your users /tmp folder if you have any issues creating wrappers. Now works with "Porting Kit!!!!!" Within PortingKit preferences check the box listed “Use unofficial wrapper” Now PortingKit will use the this master wrapper, meaning it’s possible to use WS10 and 64Bit Engines. A Very Special Thanks to; doh123 - For creating Wineskin VitorMM - For the modernized code base along with all the included features! NRG & dankoB - For Testing the initial releases
  2. gcenx83

    Wineskin Unofficial Update

    @Slice I don’t really check here too much. You could use CustomEXE launchers for each item installed into the wrapper that works. It’s also possible to shrink the Frameworks contents down if using a Winehq release (those only need libpng15.15.dylib & libfreetype.6.dylib those are inside wstools.bundle anyway), the next wrapper release will support using an external Runtime in $HOME/Wineskin/lib If your interested, I could upload my current Wineskinlauncher to my MEGA to go along with the uploaded Runtime version.
  3. gcenx83

    Wineskin Unofficial Update

    We can, it’s not a hard requirement. Anything that won’t work on 10.15 and above will be disabled.
  4. gcenx83

    Wineskin Unofficial Update

    Unofficial Wineskin is already 64Bit, with two exceptions; - WSGamma (doh123 never provides source code) - Wine* Our biggest issue is CodeWeavers need to release a working solution to run 32Bit code on 64Bit only OS. Wine64 already functions on macOS Catalina, a user already reports making a clean wrapper and wine64 functioning, I’ve already done everything I can currently.
  5. gcenx83

    Wineskin Unofficial Update

    That’s correct.
  6. gcenx83

    Wineskin Unofficial Update

    Refresh wrapper, launches wineboot sometimes it helps, that usually happens automatically after changing engines. Rebuild wrapper, will remove and remake the wineprefix that’s included within the wrapper. Update wrapper, this option updates the current wrappers files with the master wrappers files. All contents with /Frameworks are replaced with the current Master wrappers version, also replaces Wineskin.app and the WineskinLauncher files. wswine.bundle is preserved along with the contents of /Resources
  7. gcenx83

    Vulkan on macOS

    No need to install the MoltenVK development kit since libMoltenVK.dylib is being provided. To use DXVK you need to use winetricks to install vulkan runtime/sdk into the prefix.
  8. gcenx83

    Binary releases and tests

    As Slice also pointed out that nothing todo with wine. You would be better posting what your trying to run in a new thread, just saying you need to have libgluezilla means nothing.
  9. gcenx83

    Binary releases and tests

    I checked over my wine build log and didn't see any mention of wine wanting that as a dependency.
  10. gcenx83

    Wine does not work in Sierra High (log)

    Wineskin-2.6.4 was never an official wrapper release that was one of my old releases. (it include an upstream gpu detection hack/lib updates and some other internal fixes) That was before it became a full blown replacement to Official Wineskin.