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    I need help post-install, clover issues

    i7 860 firt gen, 12gigs dd3 ram, ASUS P7H55M board, Intel® H55 Express Chipset asus nvida gt 640 2 gig Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC I was trying to enble ALC and hdmi audio at the same time. i could never figure that out. I had one working, but not both same time. I primarily was using hdmi audio. anyhow back into my external 500gig niresh 10.3 install. can't see hdd's or ssd, let's see if i can mount efi from clover. i would not open last boot ughugh.
  2. edit- first gen i7 860 12 gig ddr3 ram, asus p7h55m board, intel H55 chipset, asus gt 640 2gig card ---- Hello and good day. I have never had this much problems with hackintoshes. I am working on my third hack. I was having boot problems, trying different flags, getting in, but never really fixing or setting up proper backups. I have many hhd's, a ssd as well. I have two usb sticks made mostly from #####. My ##### did not want to see my hdd (the installer) Anyhow, currently I have 10.13 installed onto my external drive. Used a niresh build, because i'm pulling hair. But even that does not see my HDDs or SSD. I'm guessing it is a clover or kext issue or driver, but I don't know anymore. Everything I do makes another problem. Anyhow, I have a fresh install (Actually I have 3 or 4 installs. My old one on SSD, another install on seperate HDD, and another fresh one. As far as I can tell the nvidia web drivers giving me issues, but I cannot get recovery to work to remove the kexts (as far as I can understand) On my external drive, it was giving me a problem. I was talking on the phone while the post-install screen was waiting, and than the system rebooted. I needed to boot in single user to delete the file that says the hack was setup, because when i restarted it just brought me to a blank login. Anyhow, I have work i need to do. I'm laughing though, I have never had problem after problem. I need to learn more. And everything is booting so slow. Just my HDD's and SSD and external drive. I know my clover installs and EFI partitions are too much, messed up config. I want to just wipe all the EFI's and just start fresh, but I do not know how? I guess linux boot disc maybe? Just delete the EFI's except one and only work on that? UGH Any tips or walk through just to start fresh. Thank you for reading
  3. Hello, ASUS P7H55-M first gen i7 860 10 gig ram(2x4 1x2) ASUS GT640, OSX 10.3.2 installed on a regular SATA DRIVE I have a Kingston uv400 480gb SSD that I received, second hand, for a great price and barely used (210 hours) It had windows on it NTFS (clover showed it at boot as a windows drive) But when I get into OS X, it is only shown in the system reporter under sata/sata express I deleted the partitions and tried to format from a linux boot cd. It deleted them but the disc was put in a security freeze lock. I spoke with Kingston and they walked me through cleaning the disk in windows and unlocking it. I re-formatted it as ntfs. Booting 10.3.2 it times out Busy timeout kingston suv400etc media Also later on Disk2 I/O error I think I read about terminal commands to wipe and clean and repartition from OSX. I'm going to make a new [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] since the one I have is from another motherboard and install of OSX
  4. shawnv333

    DST for dummies?

    I am not a dummy (I hope so) but I am having difficulty finding basic instructions, and more importantly, understanding of how to make a DST. I am on a ASUS P7H55M with a i7 860. I have a fairly stable system, trying to get my SSD to work. But I just want to get more hands on, and understand things better too. Anyhow, running a stable 10.13.2, installed from USb made with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Manually installed some kexts. Trying to get Rehabman's hardware sensor kexts fameSMC etc to work AND not turn off half of my USB I would like to overclock down the road. Anyway, hello!