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  1. I had Lion on my Insprion 530. I did a clean install for ML. I am getting "Unknown error has occurred" with on error number. I tried everything listed here http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/01/how-to-fix-mac-app-store-error-your.html (EthernetBuiltIn, PCIRoot and deleting NetworkInterfaces.plist) but it didn't work. I even tried adding a DSDT which I never had before. My SMBios is working too... Any other suggestions?
  2. When I run my desktop, my energy bill is HUGE $150. My brother had my computer before, ran windows on it, and didnt have an issue. Now that I have OSX on it, my bill is really high. Is it possible that some how the OS isn't telling the motherboard to manage the amount of power it needs from the power supply? Or is it just the power supply and I should get a new one? Any ideas?
  3. s00p3rj

    Dell Inspiron 560 LOW audio

    I have the output into my TV and I am triple booting with Win7 and Debian and audio is fine.
  4. I have tried several different builds and I can get them to work fine. Audio always works but is really low. I have tried the different ALC888 kexts and they still dont seem to work for me. Anyone have this same problem (LOW audio)? How did you fix it? And dont say turn up the volume even maxed out its super low. I changed between 16&24 in the midi settings like suggested elsewhere too and still low.
  5. The new PC EFI v9 by netkas and Chameleon is in a package. How can I use this to boot with an original osx disc?
  6. s00p3rj

    Nvidia 8400GS / 8400 GS DVI

    I used the NVINSTALLER from http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=713148d...6f11f53780322dd to update my card drivers. It didnt really do anything for me other than display the card name. I installed the Atkos 4 with no problems and it gave me full resolution without any changes. CI is software and there is no QE. Has anybody had any success getting BOTH the VGA and DVI ports working concurrently with this? I have tried SEVERAL different methods and none of them seem to work for me.
  7. The changed NVCAP is consistent with what everyone else is using to get their displays working. Did you guys ever have any luck getting your cards working?