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  1. N1h1LuS

    Dual display with Hd4870 vaporx and vga out!help needed

    i got the mirror display first time as well but i don't have a clue how it actually worked after a few restarts... try using as main first a screen then the other, then plug them both in again i have no other ideas sorry
  2. N1h1LuS

    Dual display with Hd4870 vaporx and vga out!help needed

    i actually made it to enable 2 monitors on my hd4850 witch is very close to yours so the process should be the same, but it's very messy, i hope you will understand somthing and get it to work: My main monitor was Samsung contected to DVI N*1 ( the one close to the motherboard) and all worked great The other monitor is an Acer conected to the second DVI but i had the same problem as you, Now all i did was: after Snow leopard booted, i swaped the two port and did a hard reset from the button, after the reset both screens were working but with bad resolution and same desktop on both, tried to reset a few times but didn't got it to work, so i swaped back to the original position and reset: Samsung on DVI 1 and Acer on DVI 2, same resolution and desktop problem... then i swaped and reboted again, and it worked, Samsung is the main monitor and acer second with a difrent resolution and desktop so point is: you have to swap the DVI ports so that Snow Leopard installs the drivers for your screen or something like that, give it a try.
  3. that error it's done by a wrong booting priority, it means that your hard disk is trying to load windows and not mac bootloader.... or something like that lol i don't actualy know how to solve it... the best way was if you installed mac on a difrent HD or if you made 2 partitions for mac... 1 for the bootloader and 1 for mac, but i'm not sure it would work either you can try EFI, or dedicate 1 usb drive to myHackinstaller from witch you could boot mac every time
  4. do you have Mac on the same hard drive with windows?
  5. myHack_installer_1.0.mpkg failed for me as well...... all i did was: Copy the Extra folder from the USB key and paste it in the Mac drive
  6. I'm sorry but no, it won't work... this guide is made for the P5Q witch mounts the ICH10 Chipset, yours have the ICH7 but even if you find the kexts for your motherboard you would have a greater issue.... the bios update. You could look for a guide on how to make a DSDT so you don't need a bios update You can also check this topic: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=195248 it's for those motherboards witch have the G41 north bridge as yours, but i'm not sure it will work, give it a try
  7. Yes every thing is perfectly working with this card I'll do a small guide to help the other 4800 series users, i hope it will be clear for you, otherwise you can allways ask Ok to install Snow Leopard with the hd4850 ( should be the same for the 4870) you will have to: A-Boot Snow Leopard installer with: -v -x so that you install it in safe mode and the graphic card drivers won't bug you B-Follow RoberT_XeSs tutorial to install C-After you installed Snow Leopard boot in safe mode: -v -x and follow the steps to make your account D-Don't reboot yet, follow RoberT_XeSs STEP 7: MAKING YOUR SNOW LEOPARD BOOTABLE, but DON'T REBOOT YET Now you will have to modify a few things to get your 4850 fully working 1- Go in System/Library/Extensions and look for ATI4800Controller.kext, now copy it to your desktop 2- Right Click on it and select "Show Package Contents" 3- Open the folder Contents and double click on info.plist 4- Scroll down to IOKitPersonalities and double click it, double click on Controller as well and look for IOPCIMatch, witch should be 0x94401002 0x944a1002 5- Change that with 0x94401002 0x944a1002 0x94421002 Now it should look like this: 6- Now simply close and save info.plist 7- Now use Kext Utility (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=140647) to import the ATI4800Controller.kext witch you modified 8-You can now reboot without the -x option and enjoy your HD4800 with full resolution and animation support but remember: DO NOT UPDATE TO 10.6.3 the drivers will stop working and you won't be able make them work or roll back for now. (not that i know) Source: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181405
  8. I've read this news today and i'm so happy about it that i can't stand in my pants, this means that the most intresting games out there will be available for mac, and i allready got a steam account full of valve games... YAY TEAM FORTRESS 2 ON A MAC THAT MAC IS A SPY!!!!!!11 and yes it will work on mac as long as your graphic card can handle those games, and those who allready have bought games on steam, will have the mac version for free to download (only Valve games) YAY YAY YAY *Warning: Speculation incoming* if valve will release games on mac, as well as Steam platform, this means more and more and more games will be developed for Mac sooooo, good bye Direct X and Welcome OpenGL and we can finaly DELETE windows from our PCs
  9. Thanks for the great guide mate! it worked perfectly, i followed every step in your guide and it worked... just amazing 24/24 hours rock solid!! every component is working great and apps too My specs: MB: P5Q with 1611 bios by juzzi (yes old version because newer onces were not working for me, i got Kernel Panic when trying to install SL) CPU= E8500 @ default VGA= ATI HD4850 (no kext, i just modified the id as explained in another topic around here) RAM= 2x2gb 887 Corsair DHX HD= 2x500 Western digital Sound = Audigy SB 4 (with Kexts found on in the Audio driver section of this forum) Screen working perfectly at 1920x1200 on DVI 1 ( the one near to the motherboard)