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  1. Sorry, there is no news for native btfirmwareuploader.kext update for AR9565
  2. No, i am using 10.13.6beta4 and 10.14beta2,they are working
  3. Hi everyone here, today i driver my ar9565 wireless adaptor in macOS Mojave successfully, and i has commit the pull requests, https://github.com/chunnann/ATH9KFixup/pull/6 and there are the drivers i am usingATH9K-10.14.zip You can install atherosairport40 to /system/library/extensions/io80211family.kext/contents/plugins,install lilu and ath9kfixup to clover, good luck for you
  4. Thanks @Slice I rename "BOOLEAN IsHexDigit (CHAR8 c);" to "BOOLEAN IsHexDigit1 (CHAR8 c);" in IO.h, now it works, but will next version fix it? Whether i need rename it again?
  5. athlonreg

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    @SavageAUSOnly changed a script that is extracted from @cvad Clover Builder.app
  6. athlonreg

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    Thx for your confirm, I only add the new apfssupportpkg driver, but i don't analyse in depth.
  7. athlonreg

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    Hi cvad! I very love your Clover Builder.app,and i added the support about ApfsSupportPkg driver,it's here And I have test the new script,it's very fine to work The new script is here script The build output is here Clover Builder Output.txt The product is added ApfsDriverLoader.efi successfully
  8. athlonreg

    Clover General discussion

    Hi, you can try it Build_Clover.command
  9. This kext has not in here in macOS Mojave
  10. Unfortunately!It's not working in macOS Mojave,and I can's found Atheros40.kext in /System/Library/Extends/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins/,maybe apple has been abandon Atheros airport,could you adapter it in macOS Mojave ? I'm expecting @chunnann In macOS Majave, it will show like this
  11. athlonreg

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    My WI-FI Atheros 9565 is not working in 10.14,and i have checked that /System/Library/Extends/IO80211Family/Contents/Plugin/ has not Atheros40.kext ,it was here in 10.13. Anyone could help me?
  12. Hi, i have encountered this error before, and i clone edk2 source from github, then cd the dir, use svn down clover source here, i replace ~/src/edk2/ to the new edk2 dir include clover, then use the script buildclover --edk2rev 27236 This time, it works for me, you can try it Hope to help you!
  13. @SherlocksI build clover successfully by use the command buildclover --edk2rev 27236 And my xcode version is 9.3
  14. @Zenith432OK,Thanks for your reply´◡`