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  1. I have to put my hackintosh to sleep before the keyboard works. I find that if I unload the driver (remove it from the system preferences) before going to sleep, and I load it again later on, it works. I need a script to unload/uninstal the Ethernet before turning off the system, and another to install it again after awaking from sleep when I turn it on. Anyone can help?
  2. It's working for me, but the driver won't survive a sleep. You see, if I don't put my laptop to sleep, the keyboard does not work (I have a LG laptop). Is there anything that can be done so the card will resume correctly after the sleep?
  3. I have a LG R500, and if I put it to sleep, it just turns off and on, and the keyboard is working. Some keys are swapped, left windows is alt-gr, alt-gr is control, and so, but it is still usable. Some alt-gr combinations are not the standard spanish ones. For example, \ is not where it should, it´s on 6 and so on, but it is still usable, and I can always switch to the US keyboard which is more rational.