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  1. Mac Os X 10.4.11 on a Compaq Evo N610C Laptop

    Wow, Nick...that's great news. I might just have to download Leopard JAS & give it a whirl on the laptop. I wonder if I jump through the same driver hoops as I did in Tiger I could at least get QE working? I swear my shorts are going to catch on fire from how hot this dang laptop is right now.
  2. Mac Os X 10.4.11 on a Compaq Evo N610C Laptop

    Very cool that someone is trying to run Leopard on this machine. It took me forever to figure out/get OS 10.4.11 working perfectly so after that I've been terrified to mess with it. It does run hot (full throttle) on the Hackintosh side because I never figured out how to get the speedstep CPU thingy to work correctly. I'm super reluctant to mess with anything in that it was such a huge pain for me to get 10.4.11 (especially QE) working properly. I'm very curious to see what your success rate will be. I imagine the low end video card (by today's standards) would really hamper a Leopard installation. Overall, after buying this laptop used/refurbished on Ebay (can't beat the cheap price of powerful P4's) quite a few months ago I've been very happy with how durable (I've even dropped it twice) of a laptop its been. Reading about the heating issues did freak me out a bit, but I always try to keep the vent at the bottom clear.
  3. Mac Os X 10.4.11 on a Compaq Evo N610C Laptop

    Cool deal I understand that CI will never work because of a hardware limitation. Sort of a bummer there's no easy way to replace a videocard in a laptop. I'm pretty happy though with just QE. I pretty much got my QE working from following the guide for the IBM laptop videocard section including I believe loading in the Radeontool which he provided in his rapidshare attachment. The only thing I think I ended up doing differently is manually deleting and installing the ATI Radeon & OpenGL files also included in the attachment. Just an updated I re-installed to 10.4.11 and got QE working by following the IBM guide documentation/directions on video & the attached files in the post. So manually loading Radeon, OpenGL, the Calisto Drivers, editing the AGPART Plist to 1a31, and all the other drivers in the 7500 Pack through Pacifist. Also, on my 10.5.11 install I skipped some of the networking changes Dragon suggested. I personally only selected: AppleIntel8255x.kext. Then again I have the cheapy Airlink USB card & driver that works fine for me. You might end up using different hardware. I now have (for me) the ultimate triple boot of: Windows XP, BeOS, and Mac OS X x86
  4. Mac Os X 10.4.11 on a Compaq Evo N610C Laptop

    I had a heck of a time trying to track down the files for QE on the 7500. Oddly enough I managed to download the 7500 pack from this message thread about an IBM laptop: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83073 The actual download guide/files were from a rapidshare link (which in itself can be a tricky service to try and download things from): http://rapidshare.de/files/38401034/Guide.zip.html I never got QE going on a 10.4.11 installation because I forgot to check the box and loaded 10.4.10 only. Since I got QE running on 10.4.10 I'm sort of afraid to do another installation in the fear I won't get QE going again. hehe For me the most important part was deleting the Open GL files and replacing them manually with the ones that work from the 7500 drivers folder/pack. Then I went ahead and deleted all of the ATI files and replaced them manually (extracting from Pacifist) with the ones from the pack. Not sure if it's working properly, but I currently have radeontool (attached a screenshot) loaded. I didn't know too much about the Mac OS until I started to get it running on this laptop. This is a no brainer too, but I didn't know "about this mac" was so complete under the apple symbol then clicking "more info" & realizing you can click on "extensions" and "frameworks" to see if open GL loaded. I'm always such a windows guy and finally realized that section in Mac is like the system/hardware part under windows. As far as being retarded about the specs of my own laptop I'll admit to that. I helped a friend upgrade his Ibook G4 1.2Ghz and liked the computer/OS so much I tried to buy one for cheap on Ebay, but boy do they hold their value. I so wasn't going to pay $300 or $400 dollars so I began bidding on cheap P4 laptops. This EvoN610c came up and I read about it's durability for being a business laptop. I bid and didn't think I'd get it, but low & behold I won it for approx. $240. Of course that's when I read about the poor design of the cooling fan being below the laptop and people having major heat issues. As most of you know keep the laptop up on a book or elevated when it's on a table making sure cool air gets in there. I've babbled on enough for a Friday night I need to get back to focusing on cable's TCM's Underground movie. Thanks again Dragon for creating the thread and allowing me to have a pretty cool laptop with the ability to boot both PC & Mac. Seems like the 10.5 distributions need to get a little more mature before I attempt them. Especially, since it looks like it runs better on more memory & hard drive space. Right now I still have a little old 30G split between the 2 OS's. I do find myself sticking to the Mac OS side most of the time because the OS seems to flow that much better & I love the look of it too. I'm amazed at all the little things that do work so well on a hackintosh laptop (love that little volume thing that pops up when you hit the volume up & down buttons in the front...you don't see that in Windows even). This is super random, but I've been kicking around the idea of attemping a third very small partion with BEOSMax which I love & think it's so sad that OS didn't get more attention.
  5. Mac Os X 10.4.11 on a Compaq Evo N610C Laptop

    I'm fairly green too so I hope my post isn't too confusing. This is more from what I remember. I apologize if I'm a little hazy and maybe someone else can reply with helpful hints or something you/I should do differently on my install. I too get nothing, but panics unless I install: kernel 8.9.1...uncheck the other kernals...thanks Dragon for mentioning this in your post. Ah, maybe this is why p4-M (onlySSE2?): http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;hl=evo+n610c I skipped ATA.USB because I couldn't figure out what to check. Under GraphicDrivers/ATI I selected callisto3 Under agpgart I selected: AGPart2.2 Under AudioDrivers I selected: ADI1980AC97 Under Network I believe I selected: AppleIntel8255 I believe there's other or optional install and I also selected the radeontool. I apologize in that I'm doing this from memory. For the life of me I could never get Quartz Extreme to work. I mainly tried Rogan's package & even tried to manually copy over gl ati radeon files. Spent hours and got a huge headache. I so would buy MAC OS X if there was an official release from Apple. I think of myself as a semi-geek, but that terminal & permissions stuff makes my head swim. You might also be able to load it at the install (I didn't at the time), but this powermanagement tool post (which shows battery) life worked for me. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=14912 If you're in the bay area Fry's has the Airlink 101 usb mimo xr for $12.99 (least it did last Wednesday) and I randomly bought it because it was cheap. Turns out it works with the manuf. regular drivers on our hackintoshes. Whoo Hooo! I'd suggest changing the icon on the USB wireless utility. Dang, is it ugly compared to regular MAC apps. http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t28148.html Overall I've been pretty happy, but again getting QE (did accidentally get OpenGL working for about 10 minutes till I had to re-install) hasn't worked for me so far. Argh. Hope this helps & doesn't make things worse for you. This is random and off topic, but this guy got 2 G of ram in his evo & also installed an internal antennae (I think I'd end up breaking the laptop if I tried that) to replace his mini-pci modem card with a wireless one: http://blogs.ebay.com/dhobbs713/entry/Geek...0QQidZ268242017 This is random too, but... I already had Windows XP loaded so to start I personally made a fat32 partion using paragon partion manager software. After you load OS X xxx you should be able to choose between Windows XP & OS X. You can also push f8 for advance options...if you're having problems choosing or you can use something like Acronis boot manager, but I personally have had problems with that software in the past.
  6. AIRLINK 101 usb mimo XR - works

    I just bought the card for $12.99 at Fry's. Works great with the driver I got here: http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/RTUSB%20..._2006_11_10.dmg http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html You guys rock...now if only it was this easy to get my 7500 Radeon Mobility driver working so I'd get QE.
  7. ATI Radeon 9550 working/funcionando on 10.4.3

    I think I already said thank you before, but I'm saying thank you again. In that I upgraded to 10.4.5 and my 9550 pro (CI/QE) stopped working. Fortunately, the same fix worked again. I think the only difference is the 9700 file is in an extensions folder now. Fixing the permissions also seemed to fix a few other little bugs. Now if only I can get it to report it as an AGP, but that looks a bit more complicated then my little ole brain can handle. Especially, since a lot of the Terminal stuff is like a foreign language to me. Anyway, thanks again & keep up the good work with easy to follow fixes.
  8. Final Cut Pro 5.0 - installed and working.

    Wow! This worked for me too. Thanks. I was afraid I'd have to reinstall the whole dang thing. Now all I need is a better Firewire card & some extra ram.
  9. Dual boot with Acronis Bootloader

    Wow...thanks for the suggestion of the Ultimate Boot CD. I like the Acronis OS selector, but I do seem to have problems with it. Right now I get the crazy error message of no OS to load when I know there's both Windows XP & OS X on there. I'll try the UBCD.
  10. ATI Radeon 9550 working/funcionando on 10.4.3

    Wow...thanks for the nice guide. I just got my Radeon 9550 working. I'll have to see what kind of tweaks there are for the occasional mouse tearing & see if I can get the refresh rate up a bit.