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  1. Kalyway 10.5.2 FULL GUIDE

    I had this problem, too. For me, at least, it was simple. I had the Kalyway Leo disk in the drive. It was booting from the DVD and not from the HDD. I shutdown, removed the DVD and rebooted, hit F8 and presto... it worked beautifully. My setup: - Dell Dimension 9100 - 4GB DRAM - 250GB HDD - 10.5.2 only (no dual boot--I switched to Apple last year and reserve Windows for only the VMWare world ) Using the methods on these forums, I was able to turn my Dell that essentially was sitting in a box after I bought my first Apple last October, into a nice testbed machine. Thanks to all who have put there 2 cents worth in! That being said, I must say that it was fairly easy to get it running except for the network adapter. With the patches I found here, however, I was able to make that happen. One word of caution, though... if you "Repair Permissions" AFTER installing the new IONetworkXXXXXX.kext file, it killed the network for me and I had to redo the whole process.