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  1. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Hi! It seems everyone here talks about the last gen N5110's with upgraded CPU's, but will this tutorial also works on the first gen DELL N5110 I5-480M HD5650? A year ago I tried to patch bios with the file listed in the first page, but BIOS flashing soft said the file is not compactible with my current laptop, so I did not even went further. Also , the laptop was running fine on 10.8, full graphics, sound support without any BIOS mod. Last night I sucessfully installed Niresh's OSX 10.9 on GUID'ed partition. I didn't have a time to play around, but things that didn't work: 1. resolution not correct 2. no graphics accelleration 3. CPU on full power mode 4. SLEEP did not work 5. No brightness FN control, of course Audio works, keyboard works , touchpad works. I am sure I should start with modding bios, and only then try to install everything as per tutorial (clean install with pure Mavericks from itunes). But the main question is if it's possible to mod BIOS for this I5-480M N5110? Is it even running compatible BIOS? Or, perhaps I must get the last BIOS from DELL for this laptop and mod it myself as per this tutorial? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279576-dell-inspiron-15r-n5110-native-speedstep-bios-modding/ Thanks for everyone sharing their experience and knowledge!
  2. Thanks for the answer , R.Bear Helms! I understand everything You said but I'm the one from the guys that think about getting as closer as possible to the intel mac...Giving the oportunity to OSX86 hack gurus, even if they can't make the OSX upgrades get past EFI stuff and let it running on usual X86 components - I still have a chance of running it with the usual EFI board ... I hope You understand what I was trying to say. BTW, does my listed components should have enough power to run dev. OSX86 smooth? At least , video&sound is supported - so does CeleronD with SS3 & NX .... Do I really need the CelD with EMT64 for NX ?
  3. I'm looking for building value osx86 system : My choises for now are: 1 .Micro-BTX Mainboard Intel D945GCZLKR (couldn't get D945GNTxxx here) 2. Custom made mac-like alu case 2. Celeron-D 331 or 351 3. 512 mb RAM Am I on the right route? It seems that EFI support is a need for next hacked 10.4.x upgrade? BTW, what is the difference between ATX and BTX ? Just the position of components and connectors for getting better cooling ? Thanks!