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  1. Small dual booting problem!

    Please anyone??
  2. Before installation I have activated OS selector because I want to keep my windows and to switch between 2systems, but problem appear after installation LoH rc2. Only Mac is booting and I cant choose system I want.(afetr installation i have add line like in tutorial /usr/mist/script.sh Leopard)
  3. Creative or Realtek ACL650

    Im looking for these drivers but I have a small problem. I ave a SBlive128 card and what I know drivers don't exist for mac right? How can i switch to realtec card(integrated), cause when i plug my speakers they are not working?should I unplug SB card first?
  4. Like in the topic I have a problem with my WiFi USB. I've downloaded ZYdas driver and program works fine but it cant find my network!? About driver so I have ATI radeon 9800pro card. Does official drivers from Ati.com for mac will work in my case(ToH Rc2)? And i have a problem with dual booting. Acronis OS Selector is activated but when I install mac os I have only mac. -Intel celeron 2,3Ghz(sse2) -ati radeon 9800pro -768mb Ram
  5. So I've downloaded Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1] and one different version of Mac installer(TOHrc2 or sth like that). When installation starts I choose language and then problem comes. I just can't create Mac partition. My disk is divided on 2 ntfs partitions and one Fat32 prepared in Acronis Disk Director. When I go to disk utilities and click on choosen partition program convert my partiion but NOT for MAC one (doesn't matter what I choose always covert to DOS sth which is not mounted by the way). I can only create Mac partition if I want to erase whole HDD. I want to keep my ntfs 2 partition and Mac have on separate one. What Can I do?