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  1. Leopard Build 9A321 has leaked!

    Very interessting ! How can I do that ?? Pleaseeeeeeeee !!
  2. Leopard Build 9A321 has leaked!

    Hi guys 9a321 is working for me quite good, but for some reasons i have to back to tiger. Is it possible to upgrade some of tiger's application by the 9a321's one? For instance, get Safari 3.0 or Mail 3.0 into 10.4.8 ?
  3. Upgraing Tiger Install

    Hi Anyone tried to upgrade juste some stuff to Leopard ? For instance Mail 2 of Tiger by Mails 3 of Leopard !?
  4. os x86 on hole PC !?

    Thank you, apolloae and sorry for spelling stuff !
  5. Hi all is it possible to dedicate a holly PC for installing OsX86 ? I mean, one partition, one OSX on a PC, without VmWare or Ubuntu method ? Just boot & install from Dvd ? Am I dreaming, or out off topic !!? java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_16')
  6. can't bless xom.efi !

    Got it, thanks lot
  7. can't bless xom.efi !

    Did copy xom.efi into hard disk - sudo cp xom.efi /System/Library/CoreServices >>>>> OK - cd /System/Library/CoreServices >>>>>>>>>>>>>OK - sudo bless --folder . --file xom.efi --setBoot >>>>>>>> NO OK !! I get this message Error while getting file ID of xom.efi. Ignoring... Where I'm wrong ??
  8. help ! need "unbless" xom.efi

    Thanks lot. My OS X is now fine. As I'm real noob on Mac world, I'll wait for BAMBIOS...
  9. help ! need "unbless" xom.efi

    Hi Pika The thing is that I'm able to kill the old partitions and create the new one HFS, but OSX CD-Install don't want chosse it. The HFS partioned disc is "red arrowed". Strange ! Is it because I've got xom.efi in EFI module ??
  10. Got big problem with installing XP on iMac Intel. It freezed and crached. Now I can't even get back to OSX, neither reinstall it once again. How do I "unbless" this xom.efi and get back on my initial Apple EFI module ? - I can get into EFI menu with rEFIt CD - I can get into Disc Utility and Terminal with OSX Install CD but can not reinstall OSX ( HFS+ formated HD is red arrowed !) don't know the commande for re-initial Apple EFI ? Thanks lot
  11. Announce: The rEFIt boot menu

    Hi Christoph Your "small" rEFit is realy nice and pretty. Well done, guy !. Are you planning to add it some stuff like a pre-loaded CSM module, bios-based drivers and so...? That will be great !! However, thanks lot once again.
  12. Vista can run on FAT32

    Hi mr.pink Can you please re-post your post on this thread : http://nak.journalspace.com/?cmd=displayco...407&entryid=407 I meant your first idea
  13. Vista can run on FAT32

    Hi, for me its not a stupid idea. A couple days ego, I noticed that on the other site but nobody took it over. I'm a real noob too on Mac Intel system, comming from PC world. I got an iMacTel but have ne faintest idea what could be a "kext" file.
  14. Vista can run on FAT32

    Hi Airman Pika Can you please try this another small idea ? How knows !!!? ( all steps are you'rs except two last ) -Install Vista normally on a PC in an NTFS formatted drive -Remove the Hard Drive and hook it up to a USB enclosure -Connect the drive to the iMac via USB and copy the contents to a directory in OSX. -Reformat the USB Drive on HFS+ ( Disk Utility ) -Retransfer the files from the directory you put the hard drive contents in back onto the newly formatted Drive. -Reboot iMac on this USB drive
  15. New Vista Build, New Problems

    Hi According to your MBP's figure, you did install Windows on your Mac Intel. Isn't !? So if is, let us know how ?