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  1. ZD8000 No Ethernet

    Hi, I have an HPZD8000, 3.4 ghz PIV running iPC 10.5.6. Works wonderfully (other than an occasional overheating shutdown, but that happens in windows too, it's a ZD thing). However my ethernet doesn't work. Wireless works fine, but no sign of ethernet adapter or bluetooth. Both did work under Kalyway 10.5.2, however the upgrade path there was a bit, shall we say, hairy. (By the time I was up to 10.5.4, I had to type update at the boot loader every time otherwise it would loop among other little oddities). I believe the adapter in the zd is an 8131. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to extract the kalyway kext from it directly, so anyone have any ideas? And if you have any ideas on the bluetooth, I'll take them, but really it's not a priority. Thanks in advance. Ian
  2. Can I get the package too please? Kapaaian@me.com zd8000
  3. X600 Mobility Widescreen

    I've got a Zd8000 running 10.5.1 quite well. Much quicker than XPMCE ever was even out of the box. The only thing preventing it from being perfect is that the best resolution I've been able to get has been 1280x1024. While not unusable, it is noticeable. Has anyone had any luck getting widescreen alone working under leopard on an X600 Mobility. I'm new to this scene, so not sure if QE or CI go hand in hand with widescreen, but really it's all that I'm looking for. Manually setting the plist to go to 1280x800 doesn't seem to work. I tried zOrz all in one solution once, but got a black screen and didn't know how to fix what I'd done and had to reinstall. Any help would be much appreciated, though based on all the searching I've done it looks like I may be out of luck. Be the savior or mankind. Okay, of my computerkind. Kapaaian