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  1. Thanks its enabled now Another pb is that usb 3 not working and I checked on fixusb using clover con, and now i can not boot into system anymore
  2. alright thanks, i wonder if its possible to get mojave dark mode on high sierra? coz nvidia i can not use mojave for now.
  3. Its works like a charms, thank you man you are the best. but one thing, what is the chromium app? its much faster than other chrome i think
  4. My GPU is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB and i dont use IntelHdGraphics. any fix for this issue? coz if not i will install sierra instead
  5. Hi MaLd0n My problem now is when using Chrome (or Safari) the performance of the whole system gradually goes bad - browsing gets unresponsive, youtube or any other videos become choppy and laggy, but apart from browsing the whole system suffers - everything becomes unresponsive and laggy (Mission Control, scrolling through Dock, clicking reacts with delay, etc.)... As soon as I quit the browser the system immediately goes back to full performance. When i disabling hardware acceleration in the browsers settings. Chrome runs a lot faster now, but still has some glitches. Does anyone know what could cause this and how to fix? Im using high sierra 10.13.3, and the same problem when using 10.13.2.
  6. the system keeps rebooting after trying to boot now. I have managed to boot with -s and the sound works now with my displayport which i want that Im not using udmi.. but it shows strange as in the picture below.
  7. Clover file you sent working well, but no audio from monitor (using DP) when using appleALC, audio working just from headphones and its very bad quality. But the audio working very good when i'm using VoodooHDA.kext and i'm happy with that as long as it does not make a problem? I just have a problem with sleep for now. hope you can help me with that.. I have already sent you a beer thank you man! VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  8. Hi MaLd0n! Can you please help me to edit my DSDT, SSDT and Config.plist that working best with: ----My Specs---- Gigabyte GA Z270 Gaming K3 intel core i7 7700k Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4gb Samsung 960 evo m.2 250gb using High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88) I have also a problem with sleep, the system wakes up immediately from sleep. Wake reason i got: Wake reason: GLAN XDCI XHC Im using Corsair Hydro H100i v2, its maybe coz of usb that is contacted with the motherboard? Thank you for your time to help us. All Files you need.zip