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  1. To be honest I‘ve did not test it on my own rig. i‘ve uploaded the files for an other member ( boot camp drivers and also if I remember correct the old Kext ). He send me the picture after he had installed it. He was before doing that on the latest beta but maybe he installed 10.13.3 again. I will ask him later. Sorry for inconvenience... But maybe I can help you guys anyway. Since there is a new MacOS driver even in beta, there should also be one as a bootcamp driver. Will download the latest one later. Maybe there is also a new version out.
  2. Oh well if you still don’t get It... you have to install it again in windows and afterwards it will work with the newest beta aswell...
  3. Goodness... For all where it doesn’t work any more!!! Just Install or reinstall the Apple bootcamp drivers for this card and that’s it! It will work! Bootcamp driver : https://www.dropbox.com/s/94p4wsxgkbegeck/Aquantia64v2.0.015.0.zip?dl=0
  4. ThunderBolt Drivers

    There should be... it should be something really small since the Thunderbolt Card used in the Designare is the Thunderbolt solution which is used in the new iMac Pro.
  5. ThunderBolt Drivers

    To bad... Thanks anyways! Glad that you tried to help me.
  6. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Could it be that the problem is related to this upsb part ? Normally there is non on my board if you compare the first ioreg file with the last one or should this be this way? EDIT: The Gigabyte X299 Designare EX doesn't have an 4G decoding option in bios at all.
  7. ThunderBolt Drivers

    @Matthew82Still non functional... New ioreg file https://we.tl/OtWcN0w42P
  8. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Thanks but unfortunately the PCI-Thunderbolt entry is still missing somehow... I don't understand whats going on...
  9. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Facing the exactly same problems like @jya with my designare ex. Anyone any idea? Since upload ends with an error...Here is my Ioregistryexplorer file: https://we.tl/BUPZXNoudp
  10. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Could someone help me to understand how to enable hot swap with an ssdt - Still don't get it... Attaching my IOReg File... iMac Pro.zip
  11. Ok, I was able to flash the Gigabyte Bios modified by @fabiosun which includes the patches from @interferenc ... System is stable and works like before So no death mainboard or something like that! thanks for this @fabiosun @interferenc for the patches. There is still some small issues for me which unfortunately are unfixed but I think we can solve this if we work together...
  12. @fabiosun: Ok finally I have a test setup. Let’s try to patch this to a Gigabyte X299 Designare Board. Any damages or problems are on my own risk. Please patch this new bios version and send it to me via pn! http://download.gigabyte.ru/bios/mb_bios_x299-designare-ex_f4b.zip I will report back as soon as I am back home from work.
  13. I don’t use any Betas on my work Maschine anymore... last time I had big issues after installing one of them...
  14. Guys what’s going on here ? I really don’t get the point of the hole discussion... 1) Sharing an original Kext file from Apple for a card which is natively implemented. 2) Talking about non functional outputs which could be related to the Beta Status of the MacOS installed version. If you want functionality just use the final releases! Just my two cents...