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    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Thanks Gigamaxx, that worked!
  2. Open up Disk Utility and click your USB stick. Check Partition Map is GUID Partition Map. I'm guessing yours is MBR.
  3. feechl

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Hey all, I've read just about every thread about ryzen installs and I'm totally confused about what to try next. The thing I'm most confused about is the method of install. It doesn't appear as though anyone has been able to setup the USB stick described in the first post and boot into the installer on a ryzen machine. I have followed those instructions and I can't get it to work. I have tried my GTX 1070, HD 7970 and 8600GT but all give the same result... a pixelated screen about 50% of the way through the initial loading of the installer. I have seen people mention installing from within Sierra to a USB drive but I'm not 100% I know what that means. Is it a matter of installing to USB following the guide in the first post, then once the first part is complete, boot into that USB/HDD on a working Mac and complete part 2 of the guide? Then put that disk into the ryzen machine? I'm not sure I'll be able to do that on the VM.
  4. feechl

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    EDIT: Going to try the things suggested in the previous pages of this thread first. Has anyone managed to follow the default installation instructions and successfully boot into the installer using a 1070/pascal variant? I've followed the steps in the first post and verified each one by watching the video. I've tried it from scratch 3 times but I get the same result. I selected the pascal config.plist because of my 1070 which looks to be the only part I've deviated from the installation steps. When I turn on verbose mode, I get the usual loading log so stuff is happening. It starts probing one of my USB ports (I assume it's my keyboard because the lights flash on it) then complains about it not being a USB HUB (my keyboard has USB ports on it). Shortly after that my screen goes pixelated and I can't read what's being printed to it. I assume that means a graphics issue rather than the USB errors? I'm trying this all on a Gigabye AB-350 Gaming/Ryzen 1700/GTX 1070. I've enabled/disabled the BIOS options mentioned in the first post... at least the one that mapped to those described. The two I'm not sure about are: 1.) Serial Port=disabled, also may be labeled Super IO Configuration= disabled. [I can't see an option for this] 2.) XMP detection enabled (Ram frequency settings) [I get an option to turn XMP on, but I can't as my PC won't boot with the RAM I've got. That would be different to detection right? I'm a bit confused by this. Do I need XMP on? If so then I'll have to call it quits as my motherboard will not accept my RAM with XMP on.] Thanks.