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    Leopard on Gateway FX6800-01e?

    I am running snow leopard 10.6.2 (mostly) on an FX6800-01e with the ATI 4850, a Tenda 802.11n wifi adapter ($14.95) and a powerwave usb audio adapter. It is also running an Elgato Hybrid tv tuner. PC EFI 10.6 and a bunch of specialized kexts for the 4850. The process was not for the faint of heart. You need need a different, more compatible video card to start the process. the 4850 is the last step. I was not able to get the onboard audio running, so I used the powerwave which always works. The cheap n wifi adapter has been doing a good job of streaming hd video from ABC. It is stable once it boots, but I have had some random boot video failures.