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  1. I am not exactly sure what you mean? Do you want to install Chameleon on to the usb/cd?? Because that is not very helpful for anything.. But if you want to install it on your system afterwards you should just download the installer and install it.. But remember to copy the kexts from the cd to your system, preferrably with this method STLVNUB is suggesting
  2. Well I dont know any solutions but it might be possible to use some sort of virtualization tool to make the partition into a virtual drive.. with guid.. But i was told that Vista actually should be able to support guid.. I just don't know how since the newest windows i own is 98se
  3. Well Syslinux supports graphics.. I'm working on making a mod for the cd with graphics.. But it is the first time I have ever tried to setup such a thing manually so it takes some time to figure out the configuration..It won't have mouse support though... but it might be possible to use another bootmanager that has support for that... The generic.iso should work in most cases for the install.. but it is always a good idea to make your own if you can. Seach the forum and the HCL list to find kexts. Sorry but I'm not going to do that part of the work for you.. It is really not that hard to find the solutions, it just takes some time..If the image you burned is a retail version it should play nicely, but if you succeed with it and start using osx on your machine you really should go buy it..
  4. It is on the iso cd-image in the folder isolinux.. /isolinux/isolinux.cfg But it is a simple text-file so if you cannot find it you can create it just save the following in a plaintext-file as isolinux.cfg syslinux.cfg: PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 90 DEFAULT /mboot.c32 /boot --- /initrd.img APPEND biosdev=81 The code above is specially for the usb config.. it sets disc two as the default boot device... On the cd the line "APPEND biosdev=81" should be removed. Also have this message when booting from USB ???? Just press esc instead of enter.. that should take you back to the harddisk selector..
  5. hmm.. I will look into it.. there should be a way to do it.. Exactly.. That was actually what I ment.. that you had to rezise the inird.img.- mine is only 2 mb and only makes a few dots before booting..I should have been more specific about that.. Nope.. At least not yet..
  6. Yes .. the generic one is slower.. If you create a specialized one with only the kexts needed for your system it will be quite faster..
  7. Yep.. at least I think so.. havent tested it yet... but I think if you put it on the cd/stick with the same path: Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist It should work.. Or you can change the ISOLINUX.CFG PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 90 DEFAULT /mboot.c32 /boot [color="red"](Put it here)[/color] --- /initrd.img
  8. Absolutely and utterly cool... :( this just works... I have made a pretty generic BOOT-132 disc... It has a lot of kexts in it.. If you can install the vanilla kernel with the kalway disc you should be able to use this boot iso to install the retail dvd.. http://www.mediafire.com/?1ne1zbl4znv