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  1. smoothcrm7

    4965 Wireless

    Ok so I've gotten almost everything working save for audio and internet...I installed the 4965 idarwin drivers and nothing really changed. So i went into the network utility and found that it recognizes my Intel 4965 BGN but it doesnt show up under network in system pref. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. smoothcrm7

    Offest Teal Screen

    first I wanted to say thanks to everyone on these forums I've been lurking here a while and was doing research before I attempted an install. So I got 10.5.6 ipc installed and I got easybcd all set up with OS, 7, Vista. First boot atempt off os x leads to the regular apple screen followed by a teal screen that fills the entire monitor then jumps off center and stops loading. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance P.S Sorry if this is a repost