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  1. EasyBCD 2.0 Released!

    Hi Guys, Glad to finally be able to say that EasyBCD 2.0 final is here! It's been a long road, but today we made the official release and we're getting some great feedback thus far. I hope the IM community will also enjoy 2.0, and continue to contribute ideas, suggestions, and feedback on EasyBCD. Download: http://neosmart.net/blog/2010/welcome-to-easybcd-2/ Screenshots: http://neosmart.net/gallery/album/view/neo...CD/EasyBCD+2.0/ The (most important) changes:
  2. Is there any way to configure Boot Think via /Darwin/com.apple.Boot.plist to 1) Boot into a specific partition [and] 2) Boot directly without showing a menu
  3. Safari Extensions?

    I cannot get Snow Leopard (10A380) to recognize any of the Safari extensions I have installed. Is there a way to modify them to make them compatible? They worked with Safari 4 under Leopard.
  4. Hi all, I have some very basic semaphore code that works great on Linux, but cannot for the life of me get it to run properly on OS X... It returns the oddest of results... #include <iostream> #include <fcntl.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <semaphore.h> int main() { sem_t* test; test = sem_open("test", O_CREAT, 0, 1); int value; sem_getvalue(test, &value); printf("Semaphore initialized to %d\n", value); } Compiling this on OS X with g++ returns the following output: iQudsi:Desktop mqudsi$ g++ test.cpp iQudsi:Desktop mqudsi$ ./a.out Semaphore initialized to -1881139893 Whereas on Ubuntu, I get the decidedly more-sane result: iQudsi: Desktop mqudsi$ g++ test.cpp -lrt iQudsi:Desktop mqudsi$ ./a.out Semaphore initialized to 1 I've been at this for 3 hours straight, and cannot figure out why OS X is returning such bizarre results... I've tried using file paths as the semaphore name, it didn't make a difference. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks for your support & patience on this matter, everyone.
  6. New build up, hopefully a nice number like '55' will do the trick
  7. OK guys, new build (54) in the OP. Appreciate if you could give it a try and see how it goes...
  8. OK guys - the select a drive feature isn't wholly broken seeing as it works for some people but not others... looks like a bug in the Chameleon/PC_EFI v9 bootloader. No worries, I have a couple more tricks to try - I'll have a new build up soon. idividebyzero: Currently, no. But it's planned for an upcoming build.
  9. OK, manually pre-selecting the drive when adding the entry clearly isn't working... Give me a day and I'll have a new build that does it differently.
  10. Colaly: Manually keying in the drive number works?
  11. Weird. That means that it's not seeing the menu file. Can you please post the contents of C:\NST\menu.lst here?
  12. lateralusman, please try the latest build of EasyBCD and manually specify a drive number when adding an EFI entry. WyseOne, Colaly: Are you saying the "force a drive" feature in EasyBCD isn't working in the latest build?
  13. The 810 thing is incorrect, and will be fixed. The number is the number is the number of the drive. EasyBCD, like Windows and Linux begins counting drives at 0. So 0 is BIOS drive 81. 1 is BIOS drive 82, and so on. The next build of EasyBCD forces the 81 even in the case of 0. Selecting a different drive won't get rid of the com.apple.Boot.plist error if that file isn't there. What OS X distro did you install? Sounds like it didn't set up your menu correctly.