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  1. Suomenkielisiä OSx86 käyttäjiä?

    Sittenhän meitä on kaksi
  2. HWSensors3

    Thanks slice, but I did not mean to control Vega gpu fan at all! Just to monitoring gpu temperature. Like I said, I have I changed the original fan system (which is like a jet-plane most of the time) to Raijintek MORPHEUS II Core Edition, and Fans are hook up to CHA_FAN (pwn mode 4-pin) at mobo. I can control all the fans with Rehabman FakeSMC, but not with you’re latest HwSensor. And RehabMan Fakesmc Gpu temp monitor is missing, and your HwSensor plugins are showing all the fans and GPU monitor, but can’t change them CPU Fan, System Fan and Aux Fan (where is my gpu fans pluged) Thanks a lot Slice!
  3. HWSensors3

    Hi, I found this forum when I was looking for a temperature monitor solution for my Gigabyte AMD RX Vega 64 GPU. You’re latest HwSensor pluing’s and Apps is working just fine (GPU temp), but I can’t control any fans at all. I’m not looking solution for gpu fan controller, since it is not possible I guess? I just need Cpu, System and Aux Fan controller to get it work. I installed a new cooling system to my Vega, with Morpheus II Core Editionin, and it would be great to get temp monitor. Cpu, System and Aux Fan control is just working nice with Rehabman FakeSMC and plugins, but Gpu monitor missing! I've been trying all day to get it work even with dsdt patch, with no luck! I'm I missing someting? if possible, you could help a bit? Here is my dsdt, and ioreg files if needed? Thanks a lot for the great work! iMac17,1.zip
  4. Sleep mode issue. Anybody else got this behaviour? Laptop Yoga 710IKB. Everything else is working as it should, and only problem is duplicate screen at the right side. Hdmi out is working (wake after sleep) and the problem is not related to it! This problem existed at previous beta versions too, and I hoped it would be fixed HS final release. But it’s still there… Anyone? High Sierra related bug?
  5. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    To eliminate confusions; If you download GM from AppStore GM version says 17A361a. After you successfully update and installed it's (17A362a).
  6. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Update HS GM went smoothly! Intel SSD 600p m.2. Clover 4200. There is no big change improvements at AMD Vega so far! I was hoping so much more! So BIG disappointment at this point! I hope performance improvements in future releases?!
  7. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Wow, huge traffic at the server.At this speed rate 500 kbit/s i'm ready to install the HS tomorrow...
  8. R9 Nano

    So I just updated to HS b7. And appears that AMD4000.kext and AMD4100.kext went back! Will take tomorrow to look more closely! Anyway looks quite promising!
  9. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    So I just updated to HS b7. And appears that AMD4000.kext and AMD4100.kext went back! Will take tomorrow to look more closely! Anyway looks quite promising!
  10. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Update went smoothly iMac 17,1. So, that what i recognise at this version is that AMD4000kext, and AMD4100kext is back!! So Fury support?? more investigate tomorrow!
  11. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Yeah, I tried also to delete AMD9300controller.kext but it didn’t effect the result. Also added patched Sierra 10.12.6 AMD4100.kext to HS S/LE but still nothing! And same result with AMD9000Controller.kext modification. Not working! I think i'll stay with my AMD Fury for a for a while, because it is still quite competitive in performance vs. Vega. And also because it works fine now with Sierra 10.12.6. It would be great to have support for HS?!
  12. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    If any help with this? Cheers! https://www.sendspace.com/file/ec6cl6
  13. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    I forgot to mention that my IGP IntelHD 530 Is working without problems, ever since HS b1 was release. Just wondering how it may be possible that Fury ’driver’ exists, but no not recognize acceleration?
  14. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Hi, Sorry still missing AMD Fury Metal acceleration HS 10.13 b6. I also checked that I was not accidentally but Lilu or WhatEverGreen kext to S/L/E or S/L. So everything is as it should be at E/C/K/O Also check boot arguments! No go! Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Thanks for good tips! In fact everything you mention here, is in the 'read me section' Right? Anyway will get back tomorrow and report how it goes. Thanks in advance! You guys rock!