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  1. I am proud of myself. I just ordered a 1505 wireless card for my 1530 so I could get 802.11n while booted into OSX (we are upgrading the network at home and moving around some of the machines). I was looking at getting a wireless n card for my wife's Mac Pro. Looking on ebay I discovered they were going for like $90. So I made a little guess: I figured if my 1505 card in my 1530 is recognized under OSX then why wouldn't the same card be recognized in a Mac Pro under OSX, and I was right! (Pat's self on the back) saved myself $40+. The only thing that sucked was not getting the installation screws, but I ended up just stealing one out of my 1530 for the UWB since I'll never have that card.
  2. I'm confused about how the HDA patcher and the ALCinject.kext and AppleHDA.kext work. EDIT. I still don't know how to use the .kext files, but I got the audio working anyway. I couldn't get the power management bundle to install and I don't know if it's related but when I shut down or restart, my m1530 just hangs and I have to hold the power button to shut down and then back on again. Granted the install went quite well considering how easy it was to get everything working.
  3. Yes. It made quite a difference. I would recommend it. Its much better in both OS X and Windows. MacGirl: thanks, I see my error with fdisk. Of course, now I'm getting the partition error again. But I know how to get back into windows! Ok. I got everything booting: windows or mac. No problem. Once in OS X, I ran software update but upon reboot I'm getting a kernel panic. Should I just reinstall?
  4. I used the fdisk while booting off the dvd. Now when I reboot my machine it goes into a Dell diagnostic tool.
  5. I have tried twice now to get iATKOS installed on my M1530. Last time I just tried installing in on a partition I created myself and this timed I tried one of the guides from the OSx86 Wiki, both with the same result: When I restart I get this error: "HFS+ Partition Error". I am also unable to get back to my Vista partition.
  6. Was your trackpad sluggish in windows too? Mine was, so I'm having it replaced today. Hopefully it's not just a crappy part issue.
  7. Ok. Just got my M1530 on wednesday. I reinstalled the OS and set everything up as I liked. I made two partitions. Windows install created three: a very small one on top (boot blocks, I assume), then my windows partition (150 gb) and a free partition for the MacOS. Fast forward to last night. I installed iATKOS with the options I thought I needed, restarted and it tells me it can't read the HFS partition. I come to find out that it can't read the windows partition either. So I figured now that my windows installation is hosed, I could do my partitioning in disk utility instead. I'm definately going to make a backup this time once I get everything up and running in Windows.
  8. What mini-pci card does the macbook pro use? Would it be possible to replace our card with that one? I would hate to loose 802.11n (not that I currently have anything that uses it).
  9. I have the same laptop. How do you use the Darwin Bootloader? I have done exactly the same thing and I'm using grub but I can't get it to boot OS X.
  10. tasslehawf

    Emergency Grub Help

  11. tasslehawf

    Emergency Grub Help

    Ok. I used the thread on using wingrub to multiboot: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...instead_of_Grub I read the documentation and followed the directions, but nothing happened until decided to 'Install Grub'. I chose 'Boot from MBR' at partition (0,1) where my windows install is. (0,0) is one of those recovery partitions for my laptop. When I rebooted, I got this error: Try (hd0,0) : FAT32 : No GRLDR Try (hd0,1) : extended or non-MS : skip Try (hd0,2) : extended or non-MS : skip Error I've been able to use the grub.iso to boot back into windows, but when I go back into wingrub I can't select 'Boot from MBR' at partition (0,1) anymore - so I can't remove it either. Any ideas? Am I going to have to dump everything and start over? It's an Acer Aspire 5672wlmi Windows XP Home SP2 Intel Core Duo T2300 2 GB RAM - 120 GB HD (hd0,0) - PQSERVICE - FAT32 - Healthy(EISA Configuration) (hd0,1) - ACER (C:) - FAT32X - Healthy(System) (hd0,2) - Healthy(Unknown Partition) - My OSX Partition And I can't use the grub.iso to boot into OS X.
  12. tasslehawf

    Succeed ! 10.4.3 Jas .iso

    After install it reboots and boots right back into windows?!?
  13. tasslehawf

    Running out of steam?

    I'm sure they would love that.
  14. tasslehawf

    Wine+X11 Update

    Whats the chance of DirectX working under DarWine? I don't need it for games; the Solid modeler that I rely on doesn't work with OpenGl, but DirectX instead.
  15. tasslehawf

    Putting XP on an iMac

    As a dedicated Mac user for the past 13 years, I would not even be running Windows if it weren't for the fact that I have to run software for work. I know a lot of people would like to see Windows running on the new Macs for precisely the same reason. They could run Windows when they are at work and come home to run OS X. I'd even invite the possibility (being a furniture designer myself) of running Windows for a single (or two) 3D modeling applications and still doing all my graphic design work in OS X. And we all know that the build quality of Apple's products is superior. For me, the release of the Intel Powerbooks (not liking the new name) comes at a time when I am in the market for a laptop to run my PC applications and if I could replace my almost 7 year old Mac at the same time that would be great too. So with the glimmer of hope that someone can get this working and I can get a Mac instead of a PC, I would be very greatful.