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  1. where is the attachment huys!

    Hey I downloaded that kext and it fully supported my mobo but accidently i format HDD and now i lost that kext 22/12/2007 AD1986 0x11d41986 for testing Click to download if anyone have this kext please email me my id is: "bipinkumarpandey@gmail.com" heyI am very thxful peeps if i got it http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&start=2700
  2. WTB Laptop hackintosh

    I am also searching for the same any good configuration hacktop with 500-700USD. hey what hacktop you talking about?
  3. Which Laptop i will buy for hackintosh?

    Hey Folks thanx a ton,and sorry if i posted to wrong thread Actually I want to make triple boot of Vista/Ubuntu/LEO so i am thinking of any intel based chipset and CPU. Any more suggestion !!
  4. Hey all I am new to the community,and want to know which Laptop I'll buy that can run fully featured Leopard,currently I have desktop and I am using triple boot with XP/Ubuntu and LEO!! Don't say Apple Laptop bcoz they are very costly