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  1. lion kb and mouse

    i just updated to lion 10.7.3 and kb is not recognized( i can WRITE with it but i get no kb found) mouse(trackpad) is weird(no double click) i used to have voodoo ps2 but cant find it for lion, any help with this? also mouse scrolling is reversed
  2. am currently running 10.6.8 wanting to upgrade to 10.7 but cant, i get kernel panic unable to find driver for system /ACPI/........ any clues?
  3. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    how did you got this to work? i placed the contents of /contents/plugin/ to S/L/E and nothing happened. any ideas?
  4. i recently installed on my asus g51jx laptop, mac os x 10.6.3 the thing is that i need to install this update to get the 10.3.1 kernel wich fixes a lot of things on it. when trying to update i get an error saing this software is not supported on your system. i eddited smbios to show as an macbookpro6,2 and edited systemversion.plist to show as on 10.6.2 and build 10D2063a and stillwont install. every guide ive read sasy to do the same thing but its not letting me do it, any advice?
  5. I cant get the macbook pro soft update 1.3 to install it says i have the wrong system, i did edit smbios and system version plists. What am i doing wrong?? Any help??
  6. hi ive been reading and searching thru the forum a lot and cant find any help. i have tried with the hazzard dvd with no luck. i tried with empire efi made for AMD http://prasys.info/2010/01/empire-efi-v-1-085-is-out/. i ran -v before running retail sl 10.6.3 disc using that efi and it gives me DSMOS has arrived device in slot 1: slot 1 panic(cpu 0 caller 0x2a6ac2) kernel trap at 0x221edab7, type 14=page fault, registers it goes on with some numbers and ends in system uptime. if more info is needed feel free to ask, this a project am trying to do, i have done it easily on an intel computer but no luck on the amd one. feel free to suggest. thanks
  7. Installing OS X 10.6.3 Hazard on AMD

    having same problems with a turion ultra zm82 with SL 10.6.2 hazzard. am going to try with a retail version and nawcom . ive had all kinds of errors.
  8. Hp6735b notebook network issue

    i have almost same hardware and cant boot at all, install goes perfectly but once i reboot i get what exactly did you use to install? i tried with snow leopard 10.6.2 intel/amd from hazzard
  9. ok am a total noob at this i dont know a thing so ill start from the begginin CPU AMD 3400+ SSe2 2GB ram 60Gb HD Creative Audigy 2 Geforce 6800gt agp Nforce 3 250gb chipset 2 sata HD's burned the image, booted it, configured the HD and ran installation amd check third party aps none and all drivers checked, i get an error message during install sayin intall failed installer could not validate the contents of java tools package click restart to restar computer and try again I also notced the wallpaper is cut in half and there are some weird colors in mid behind the installaion window tried it on my laptop installing it to my usb jumpdrive gave me a similiar error checked log on laptop said that it was extracting files 2 fast or something like that now what did I do wrong? anyone??