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  1. GeForce 285 GTX black screen (solved)

    Hi, I had the same problem, and I eventually tried using 'NVEnabler.kext' and it seemed to fix the problem. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello there, I'll start off by telling you guys my system configuration, and what I hope for. Hee's my system specs: Intel core i7 920 processor Asus P6T-SE motherboard nVidia Geforce GTX graphics (1) nVidia Geforce 900GTX graphics (2) Thermaltake 775W modular PSU Hitachi 750GB Sata 2 HDD Kingston 12GB (3x4gb) HyperX memory First, I will say the reason of me having two diffrent graphics cards in the same system is because in Windows, I was able to use the total of 4 DVI ports so i could use 4 monitors with my system. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the 7900GTX was just acting as a 'hub' for extra ports, because I was certainly getting the GTX285's performance in stead of the 7900GTX's performance, which is ideal. Ultimatley, I'd want this same config on Mountain Lion however, we shall take it step-by-step. I followed the 12th post on this topic, as my base: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=277015 First booting the USB disk, the installer did not run, and me having two cards in my PC, I pretty much expected that. I took the 7900 out, and ran the installer, only having the same problem. I eventually only used the 7900 as the card in my PC to install ML, and I managed to get it installed. I used the DSDT.aml found for some of the Lion install guides, and some ACHI fixer for 10.7.4 as well as some random P6T-SE kext i could find. When it came to booting the installed OS off the internal HDD, using the USB drive as the bootloader, I got the result in the image attached. Could someone please help me out? Im sure theres many others who would also like some information on the P6T range of boards. Thank you for your time. Here's a link to the image: http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg35/scaled.php?server=35&filename=84826500.jpg&res=landing
  3. Hello, i followed this guide today and all went well, however i have a rather small bug, but very annoying. My mouse appears to be quite choppy when moving the cursor around the screen. I have a dual monitor setup, however it is still choppy with a single monitor. The dock's animations are completely liquid, so is all of the dashboard's animations. Here's the specs: i7 920 P6T-SE GTX285 160GB Sata2 HDD T/Take 775W PSU Like i said, i know it's not a massive issue, but as the mouse is the most used part of the user interface, it really gets to me over time. Thanks Oh, and my mouse is a Razer Lachesis, it's 4000dpi, maybe that'd might have something to do with it?