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    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Excellent! So there is a DVI solution. Any idea of the best RX 570 or RX 580 that has two DP's or a DP & mini DP? I'll also need a working HDMI - or yet another DP or mini DP for 3 monitors. Or, should I go with two video cards in my Hackintosh (again, Which card is 'best')? I just 'repurposed' two nVidia GTX 1050's that I had intended to use in a Hackintosh - to a Win10 box. Running two cards is no problem at all in Win10, but ... I have no idea of the best solution for a Hackintosh.
  2. HighSierraWannabe

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    @bobpedro - which 'Dual-Link DP-DVI' adapters did you order? I had searched for one, but seemed to only find negative reviews as far as getting true Dual-Link DVI out that would handle 2560 x 1440. Please report on your success or failure with the device. It if it works, that would be very useful!! Are you using 10.14.6? If I just need to buy another RX card to get DVI working, I'll certainly go for that. Is it your understanding that for ANY RX cards, DVI output just won't work? From my limited understanding, I think there will be a way to use Hackintool. I ?believe? that HDMI and DVI are about the same as far as MacOS is concerned, and that setting the DP -> HDMI checkbox in Patch Options -> General will be necessary. Then some config in the 'Connector Info' tab to setup a 'connector' for DVI. As to how exactly to do that using Hackintools ... I'm totally clueless? So, I may need to ask questions in the Hackintool thread?
  3. HighSierraWannabe

    can't create 6GB install from 6GB 'macOS install Data'?

    I really appreciate your feedback. That shell script does seem rather innocuous!! No. As near as I can figure out, some unlucky folks just get a tiny stub loader - and once they do, that's all they will get. But, for anyone with the same problem, I have some good news!! When I booted up the 10.12.6 where I'd attempted to create the 6GB full install, the 6 GB install was where it was supposed to be. The scripts I ran (shown in my first post) must have created it. Not sure why the file size didn't show up until Sierra was restarted. I used Path Finder to view the file size. Oh well, I'm very sorry to have wasted everyone's time on this when a simple reboot would have 'fixed' the problem!!
  4. HighSierraWannabe

    can't create 6GB install from 6GB 'macOS install Data'?

    ricoc90 - Very kind of you to respond - and to write the app!! I'd really prefer to use as few 3rd party tools as possible. it's my security background that makes me Way too careful, no doubt? I developed a deep paranoia back in the late 80's when a Mac financial app I developed (was on the shelf at the now defunct CompUSA which started out here in Dallas as Soft Warehouse) was found by the testing team to be infected with an early Mac virus. This was way back when DOS still ruled world ha ha. Are there terminal commands I could use? Or, maybe I could use an external SSD to run 3rd party code to isolate it? How do you deal with limiting your exposure to what are probably just beneficial apps, but you can't verify? Will the checksums of the created installer match the downloaded from Apple installer checksum? Are the original checksums available somewhere?
  5. I'm having trouble getting to 1st base and creating the Mojave install with my Sierra 10.12.6. After downloading the 10.14.6 "full install" of 22.7 MB (obviously just a loader file), I followed the instructions for the 2nd method to create the Real full install from: http://osxdaily.com/2018/09/29/download-full-macos-mojave-installer/ I saw that the 6GB install was indeed broken into smaller files located at "MacOS Install Data" at the root of my HD. I used terminal as follows: My-iMac:~ myName$ sudo -s Password: bash-3.2# mkdir /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport bash-3.2# cd /macOS\ Install\ Data bash-3.2# find . -mount | cpio -pvdm /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/. /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./AppleDiagnostics.chunklist /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./AppleDiagnostics.dmg /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./BaseSystem.chunklist /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./BaseSystem.dmg /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./index.sproduct /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./InstallESDDmg.pkg /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./InstallInfo.plist /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./Locked Files /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./Locked Files/.disk_label /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./Locked Files/.disk_label.contentDetails /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./Locked Files/.disk_label_2x /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./Locked Files/Boot Files /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./Locked Files/cleanup_installer /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app/Contents/SharedSupport/./OSX_10_14_IncompatibleAppList.pkg 11774129 blocks bash-3.2# Unfortunately, it didn't create the full install. i didn't notice that it created anything, but I don't see any errors above? What obvious, stupid mistake am I making?