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  1. Hum that's so bad... apple application contains more and more effect like that,i don't know how vmware will manage that with vmware fusion... to provide at least a correct user experience
  2. I was talking of the new Maximizing effect, when an app like safari goes fullscreen, the effect is really slow and can't manage to disable it. ... I've try to put more memory like 33554432 or 133554432 but that doesn't change anything... By the way, the new guest patch work great with Lion, well done :-)
  3. First i've just installing Lion, i've found a great tutorial and i must say that with unlockers for vmware the process is near that an out of the box installation, so thanks you so much. Actually im 10.7.1 100% vanilla with vmware 5.0.0 darwin.iso I've just installed VMsvga2 and its an huge graphic improvement so 'Zenith432' great work ... For desktop effect, the one that boring me is the new fullscreen mode ... Even after the VMsvga2 1.2.3 installed, the effect is still slowww, is it a 3d effect of a memory problem or anything else ?... my cpu is an i7 m640 with a quadro fx 880M just for information.. And i'm waiting too the updated guest patch for newer darwin iso. Great work again !
  4. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I've download a vmware 10.5.7 vm, when i first run the vm, it goes directly to OSX, it works, but if i reboot, the system can't start ( i guess it's the darwin loader problem like on virtualbox), is there any issues ? edit : it works with alternative kernel.
  5. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I've the same problem, i've try with iAtkos 7 et iDeneb 1.6 lite with different patch and / or kernel version but always the same message i use Virtual Box 3.1.2 on a Core i7 i don't know if it because of the cpu ?
  6. Dell are good but there is some delay and i don't want to wait 2 months !! So what about the others ?
  7. i've just seeing that, but only for DELL US, i'm from france and DELL france doesn't permit to change wireless ... arf ok, if i choose small business i can change the wifi adapter, 1505 work out of the box?
  8. Well, the wifi is intel 5100 : not compatible and what about hp dv6-1030ef ?
  9. Hi, I 've a white macbook since one year, now, i would like to change for a notebook with a bigger screen ( and a better graphic card ) but a mac book pro is too expensive. So, i would like to install osx on a laptop, i've doing it on a desktop and it's perfect ! but now i have to found a fully compatible notebook... So i need your help, first, the hardware : i need a NVIDIA graphic card right ? because ATI mobility radeon doesn't seem to be supported. i need a wireless compatible, sound, usb, adapter ... I've spend a time looking for the best, but i'm not sure, i've found the new MSI GX620 ? what do you think about ?
  10. iATKOS 10.5.5 (Safe to update?)

    hi, i've try serveral time to update from iAtkos 5i to 10.5.6 , one time with voodoo kernel and i tough it work until i repair disk permission,,, the others time with vanilla without any problem except that i've lost time machine ( network problem ) so if you have any solutions ... and i'm not sure that it's about the upgrade, but i've had some probleme with network, some auto ip assignation and no connection ( or it's my router , no matter for the time ) one more thing, i'm french and i've some little translation problem with iatkos half is in french, the other part in english, not very nice.. so if you have a solution i've try a french patch for iatkos 1 ( found on the web ) but the package is full of kext so i suppose that it make some problems ( after install it work very well but when i've repairing permission, i've got a boot problem and have to reinsall everything) thanks for helping oh... and i've selected stock acpi modification in iatkos install, should i do something to update this to 10.5.6 or nothing ?
  11. Avis config

    pas besoins d'aide precise mais juste des conseil d'ordre generaux : si j'ai bien compris on choisi les options d'install en fonction principalement de 3 parametre carte mere processeur carte video .. donc sachant que j'ai indiqué ces 3 choses dans ma config j'aimerais bien savoir quel kernel, ooptions ... choisir lors de l'install ..
  12. thanks ! what 's the difference between the compatibility of the 3870 and the 3850 ? ( some software or only some osx86 version ).. ?
  13. Avis config

    Bonjour Est ce que cette config est bonne pour osx86 : Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L G.Skill Kit Extreme2 2 x 2 Go PC6400 PQ 1 Antec Earthwatts - 380W 1 GMC R3 Corona (blanc) 1 Sapphire Radeon™ HD 3850 512 Mo 1 Samsung SH-S223F - OEM, beige 1 Intel® Pentium® E5200 Lors de l'install d' iATKos 5i je dois selectionner quelles optionss Merci
  14. Hi, Do you think it is a good config for osx86 : Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L G.Skill Kit Extreme2 2 x 2 Go PC6400 PQ 1 Antec Earthwatts - 380W 1 GMC R3 Corona (blanc) 1 Sapphire Radeon™ HD 3850 512 Mo 1 Samsung SH-S223F - OEM, beige 1 Intel® Pentium® E5200 Does this work with iATKOS 10.5.5 and which kernel and options should i check in the installer ThAnKs