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  1. Hi mrhevor and thanks for your effort. I'm working fine with Mavericks in ASUS P8P67 Pro MoBo with stereo sound but I would like to give use to my creative 5.1 speakers. Do you know if this kext works also under Mavericks? Thanks in advance.
  2. I just want to say that I finally made it with 2x1N4007 diodes and its working 100% perfect with my Lion OSx86 "Sandy Bridge 1155" Build. Only 1 question, is there any way to use Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Apple Wireless Keyboard in the BIOS of a PC ?? I need to use the Bluetooth stuff during the boot, to select the OS i want to run. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.
  3. Does anyone tried with the MagicTrackpad? It works fine to you?? I'm having some issues to make it work right in my hackintosh with Apple Bluetooth Module method. I cant use 2 fingers slide, neither 3 or 4, even i cant use 1 touch click, i have to press the surface. It's so annoying!
  4. Hi kmare, I cant find 1N4001 where I live, just the 1N4004 and 1N4007. Do you think they can work as well as 1N4001 for my purpose?? In theory, all 1N400x have the same electrical behavior in forward bias, right? And thats the way that we must used, in forward polarization, to step-down the voltage to 3,3v, isn't it? I await your answer before I ruin everything. Thanks in advance. 1N4001_7_Family.pdf
  5. Hola jpa, en esa configuración como has hecho funcionar los dispositivos wireless por bluetooth? Con el integrado en la placa base? Con un dongle USB externo? Con un Apple Bluetooth module interno?? Tengo la misma placa y estoy teniendo muchísimos problemas para hacer funcionar bien el Magic Trackpad que me acaban de regalar. Una ayudita please!
  6. Hi ^Andy^, I'm proudly user of SL 10.6.8 on my P8P67 Pro B3 3.0 version + i5-2500K. ¡¡ Lot of Thanks !! My girlfriend just gift me the Magic Trackpad, and I'm having some issues to make it work. I think that is recognized as a Mighty Mouse, and i cant use any multi-gesture, even two fingers scroll, or 1 touck to click, 2 fingers touch to alt-click... Anyone is having same issues with MagicTrackpad or MagicMouse via integrated Bluetooth ??? Is there any solution to make it work right? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.