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    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    The day of week supposition looks unlikely to me after looking at "al3xtjames" MacGen scripts (https://github.com/al3xtjames/MacGen). This repository has what appears to be an extensive catalogue of valid identifies and the MLB is documented as: PPP Y WW TTT CC EEEE KK where: TTT is the board type CC is hypothesized to be a checksum (but not known) KK is not explained in comments He has a list of presumed valid values (selects one at random when generating MLB): for CC: 'GU' '4N' 'J9' 'QX' 'OP' 'CD' '3F' 'U5' 'KP' 'D5' 'SJ' '7P' 'RG' 'W5' '92' 'MA' '2Y' '26' 'L0' 'NA' 'TL' '2D' '8U' for KK: '1H' '1M' 'AD' '1F' 'A8' 'UE' 'JA' 'JC' '8C' 'CB' 'FB' 'A6' 'AL' 'AN' '16' 'A5' 'AH' 'AA' 'AD' 'AK' 'AN' '1W' 'AY' '1A' From my catalogue of half a dozen 2011-era (A1311) boards it's quite plausible that he has the TTT board type field correctly identified. The boards I've seen have codes of: 100, 105, 201, 401, 601 (though, as you note, all of the first digits are in the range [1,7], so maybe you're right)