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  1. After scouring the motherboard manual a few times, I did find a physical jumper related to Intel ME. However, setting that to disabled makes OS X unbootable, not even my usb stick I used to install. Aside from that, can you nudge me in a direction how to fix this myself? Try different BIOS versions? DSDT fixes? Or is it pretty much unfixable?
  2. Not sure if it will help, but I ran DPCIManager, and it does show my intel ethernet connection (see screenshot). (For what it's worth, the Realtek shows up just fine with its third party kext.)
  3. Thanks for your quick reply! Unfortunately, that did not help. I just disabled AMT in BIOS and I still get the same IntelMausi messages in my system log.
  4. Hi Mieze, for some reason my intel I217LM controller is not even showing up in system report/ethernet cards. (Ethernet is part of the Asus Q87T mobo). network boot and UEFI network stack is disabled not running any of the npc bootflags running the latest v2.1.0d3 from your posts, and placed it in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.11 deleted my netwerk preferences multiple times deleted kext caches multiple times (using kext wizard) log from one boot up is attached. Kext seems to be loading, but exits with error: Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: maxSnoop: 0x0846, maxNoSnoop: 0x0000. Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: TCP/IPv4 segmentation offload enabled. Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: TCP/IPv6 segmentation offload enabled. Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: TCP/IPv6 checksum offload enabled. Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: Version 2.1.0d3 using max interrupt rate 7000. Please don't support tonymacx86.com! Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: intrThrValue=557 Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: PCI power management capabilities: 0xc822. Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: PME# from D3 (cold/hot) supported. Mar 27 00:42:36 localhost kernel[0]: Ethernet [IntelMausi]: Failed to get adapter data with error -2. I'm at a loss why this isn't working...test.log.zip
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    Asus P5B thread

    I used jas 10.4.8 amd/intel sse2/sse3 with v1p and diskutil patches on my p5b deluxe. Hnts and tips for others: sata HD on ich8r (if you don't know which one, go for #1) install via sata dvd-rom on jmicron After installing osx under ACHI, I could set my bios to compatible (NOT enhanced!) ide, so that my xp install works again. OSX likes compatible IDE, but not enhanced IDE. I only needed audio output, so I used the first package in this topic. I only needed 1 networkport, the bottom one, and this package makes it work. xbench scores showed that my ich8r was working slow, so modifiying the following files should give you a faster working harddisk under OSX, my xbench for JUST my harddisk went from 5 to 80(!!!!!): Edit /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAHCIPort.kext/Contents/Info.plist with proper IOPCIPrimaryMatch values: add the following values (see also second post in this thread, but with the following IOPCI values): Edit /System/Library/Extensions/APPLEVIAATA.kext/Contents/Info.plist with above IOPCIPrimaryMatch values. See also the following post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=48315 That's what I used to get my shnizzle working, the only thing that I have yet to try is burning a cd/dvd under osx. I personally dont need wifi. If my comments are too hard for you to understand, or if they simply dont work, try the following: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32426 Hope that helps.
  6. Kiphaas7

    Does Titan also supports OpenGL

    Best answer is that if it's too hard don't try it yet untill you understand what you should do. It's not rocketscience though.....
  7. Guys read what he says. The stack fault is purely caused by the kernel, since replacing the kernel with a newer one fixes it. No reason to keep adding "I get the stack error too". reseed or no reseed 10.4.8 it doesn't make a difference. Untill you drop in the new kernel, you will get a stack fault.
  8. Even the new jas reseed dvd still uses an "old" semthex kernel. From that one it is known to have this bug in vmware. Dropping the new kernel in indeed solves the stack error, but I too don't know how to get further. (old in the sense that it has the vmware bug)
  9. Kiphaas7

    ASUS P5B + E6400 & JaS 10.4.8 ReLoaded

    Because this is about 10.4.8?
  10. Kiphaas7

    ASUS P5B + E6400 & JaS 10.4.8 ReLoaded

    What did you use, a sata dvd reader/burner or an IDE one connected to usb?
  11. Per topic title, are there any plans on releasing/making this? Just have a new computer with the p5b deluxe motherboard (=965 chipset), and I don't have/want to buya usb converter, so I can't boot natively. And installing the new(re-released, so the really new) jas 10.4.8 with vmware still gives me the stack bug... if there aren't any plans, I'll just start investigating ways where I can install through vmware, with older dvd's etc. But I'd really like to keep a clean isntall just by installing the new 10.4.8 jas. Thanks for any help given.
  12. Kiphaas7

    10.4.8 Kernel AMD with GUI!

    Looks great! Will there also be a kernel for poor intel sse3 users who can't boot natively, and have the vmware bug?
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    It has been said in general in IRC that posting on usenet would make the seeding on bittorrent slower...... Because people would download it on usenet and not seed it on torrent. Offcourse, you always have people that do seed after d/l it from usenet, but at least half of em doesn't I guess. So we'll hold the usenet thing off for now. Ok?
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    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    people, come on. This isn't something that is done in like 2 days. 1) he gave you the address to his blogspot for more updates 2) he said he had exams right now. Don't be impatient, and if you are still impatient, don't post. It won't bring us any further, and will only clutter up this thread.