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    Did I purchase a Macbook Pro too soon?

    The way the contest was formulated made it sound like a complete and stable solution was required. $13,000 ought to buy you a complete and stable solution... (And I bet that some people will get offended by me writing that.)
  2. It seems that there are no graphic drivers, so you have to switch off hardware acceleration. Well, that kills the ability to watch movies and play games... quite a crippled XP installation right there. Then there's the performance... kinda like using Rosetta, I guess. I read that the current implementation from blanka takes over the framebuffer in order to get VGA working. This sounds to me like (and this is a totally ignorant guess) a dead end, because graphic drivers also wants to take over the framebuffer for hardware acceleration. Also, some seem to think that the firmware on the X1600 is different than "normal" PC X1600 cards, so that's why no drivers work. Why would ATI then want to release XP drivers for an Apple developed firmware (if that is indeed the case)? I'm wondering if I jumped the gun on my purchase. But I guess nobody has the answer to that yet...
  3. It said $12.994 so I made an $8 donation, which should leave $6 to the contest. If he updates it, it will exceed $13000.
  4. That's one more Macbook Pro sale for Apple! (And since Vista doesn't support EFI, nor has the new command line interface or the new filesystem, I'll keep using my old XP Home license, and that's one less sale for Microsoft for now.)
  5. eobet

    BAMBIOS: BIOS emulator for EFI

    Emulation? Last time I checked, Bochs was sloooooooooooow as hell!
  6. I think it's bloody confusing when you have threads clamining dual boot everywhere, and then half of them are about dual booting on a Mactel and half of them are about dual booting on a PC. This is the MAC forum. There actually is a PC forum on this site as well. Could some moderator please make a dual booting sub forum under the PC section and move all the PC related topics out of the Mac forum here?
  7. Oh, {censored}... this had my hopes up until someone mentioned VNC. Please post a video of the power-on and OS selection menu if this is real.
  8. eobet

    Vista can run on FAT32

    Just a small notice: I've bought MacDrive 6 and using it, Windows can see, read and write to HFS partitions just fine (and it's all transparent... it looks and works just like any harddrive).
  9. eobet

    EFI booting thread

    Aww, you drop this bomb on us without a link? Btw, does this mean that Microsoft has made a default "UGA" (never heard the term before) driver, or that ATI have updated their Vista drivers with the next release? I guess we might have to live with software acceleration for some time in the beginning? Also, bloody great work, man! I'll eagerly await your next post when the next Vista is released. In the meantime... I think you'd succesfully tilted me over the edge to go ahead and order a Macbook Pro. So it maybe won't run XP (still, how the heck did Gateway do it?) but Vista is good enough, and supposedly there is to be a public beta of Vista so I can get my hands on it legally soon as well?
  10. Look at this article from 2003: http://news.com.com/2100-1008-5131787.html Isn't Gateway already sitting on a solution for running Windows XP on EFI, even if it is the Media Center Edition? Has Gateway had zero sales since 2003, or doesn't anyone at least know anyone who has a Gateway media PC? I mean, the article touts Gateway as being pioneers, so if it was revealed that they used the compability layer... that's not really that innovative then, is it?
  11. eobet

    EFI booting thread

    If that's you who wrote the original "instructions", please come back when you have found a solution to instruction number 9 "booting the Vista CD on a mac", because that doesn't work.
  12. eobet

    EFI booting thread

    Oh, pooh... I only saw the Macintel heading he used, so I assumed he was testing it on an iMac. Bah, then the information there is worthless. Well, I called the Apple store and they have a running 5 week waiting period now, so I guess I'll order one anyway and cross my fingers that a solution is found until it arrives (otherwise I'll have a very expensive toy sitting on my desk).
  13. eobet

    EFI booting thread

    I just registered because being able to run Windows on a macbook pro will decide if that will be my new laptop or not. The instructions look fine, except: That simply doesn't work, right? Didn't the person who managed to convince his imac on this forum to boot the Vista cd only have it hang on a blank screen? Also, judging by his phrasings on the last few instructions, it doesn't actually sound like he has tried it (it sounds like he is guessing).