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  1. Hmm ok, tried renaming them, and now doesn't get as far... and interestingly still fails the CST evaluation. I'm going to try my other USB key image and see if have any luck with that. If I understand correctly, DSDT shouldn't be used until you can get to your desktop and use one of those beast type tools? Thanks again.
  2. Does that mean they will or won't be having an effect yet? If so, why does the Mountain Lionize script create them? In my Extra folder I have a DSDT.aml and an smbios.plist... I'll try booting using an ###### 3.3.0 disk I have next to me; that has neither of those in the Extra folder... Thanks for your input. ------------------------ Nope, loads all the kexts then just presents a black screen, no message, nothing.
  3. Hi, Thought I'd try and install OSX on my desktop PC again, after trying unsuccessfully back with Snow Leopard. Find myself missing my old Macbook Pro... I've used my Mac Mini Server to prepare a USB disk using Fabio's Mountain Lionize script, and have managed to get it installed (using only PCIRootUID=1 iirc, but not sure); the issue now is booting it! After an unsuccessful attempt I thought that maybe the DSDT included with the script was from an older bios (I'm running 701), so I grabbed a new one in ubuntu using a guide I found. Have now reinstalled, and appear to be getting further, but still can't get to a desktop Have googled lots, and discovered a few flags which I seem to need, but am now stuck, so turning to you guys for some help (I hope)! Currently using: -v npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 busratio=24 That halts the boot at the attached image (sorry about the flash reflection, but refuses to focus without it). Something to do with sandboxd deny mach-lookup was the last thing attempted, although find myself wondering whether the log messages a few lines before are relevant? Waiting for DSMOS... ** AppleSMBusPCI::start failed to get acpi path for provider ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::pushCPU_CSTData - _CST evaluation failed AFAIK my BIOS is set up correctly, with AHCI where needed, S3 and ACPI 2.0 enabled... installation drive is plugged into the Marvell SATA3 controller (and have tried with Intel controller disabled, to eliminate that). Some details on my other hardware. As I've said, am running with a Asus P6X58D-E motherboard Have removed my Xonar soundcard (so using onboard) CPU is a 6-core i7 970 which I suspect is the issue now (since I don't believe is used in any Macs) Graphics is an nVidia 680, 2Gb... a slightly factory overclocked Asus DirectCU II version, if that has any bearing. 24Gb DDR3 RAM; have tried dropping to 4Gb both for installation and boot (as I know this used to be needed, is it still?) I have also tried installing using a guide on I found here (i.e. without anything specific to my hardware, but wouldn't boot). I may try that again I suppose, since think I know a little more now... I suspect Mountain Lionize is the better method though, since seems to work for others. Oh, another thing that springs to mind is I picked MacPro5,1 as the type of mac to report to the kernel (since 6 core I believe).. could that have any bearing? Hope someone can help! Cheers, Westy Oh, here's the pic... failed to spot the 'Attach This File' button last time