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  1. I just installed this and it works fine but i dont have the regular apple logo boot screen, all i have is the black screen with all the commands then it goes to the desktop, does anybody know how to fix this?
  2. Mobility Radeon 9000 thread

    I know QE most likely will never happen on this card, but since I only use my notebook for internet and email, I dont mind too much. but is there any way to get the resolution higher than 1024x768?, I would like to have it at 1400X1050
  3. how do I get 10.5.3 on sse2?
  4. i just saw that on the bay it says for core cpu with sse3 only. I have a regular P4 with sse2, so I don't think thats gonna work.
  5. any ideas on how to fix this problem, i cant use the new kernel since im on sse2
  6. i get a black screen after the boot screen after installing this, but after 4 minutes of black the login screen finally comes up. is anybody else have this issue, and know whats causing it? i did the graphics update but it did not fix the problem
  7. 10.5.2

    how to I go about installing this on a p4 using iatkos with sse2 kernel without efi. should I use the netkas way or maybe wait for a patched update?
  8. i got the ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin extension from tiger how do i load it on the iatkos dvd
  9. edit a bootable iso

    I have a iatkos iso and a 10.4.5 iso on my leopard desktop, i want to take the ACPI_SMC_Platformplugin from the 10.4.5 iso and replace the one on the iatkos iso reburn it and still be able to boot off it. How would I do this? I managed to extract the plugin using pacifist, but now im still not sure on how to replace the one on the iatkos iso with the one that i extracted
  10. os x mail

    how do i get os x mail like windows mail, like when i open it or check for mail i want it to ask me for my username and password. I have it setup now that you open it and click get mail and it gets the mail without asking for a username and password
  11. iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    iatkos ppf patch r2 has been released check uphuck forums for download links. sse2 support has been added, downloading now http://uphuck.ggrn.de/forum/showthread.php?t=612
  12. how do i get passed the problem when it reboots after "loading darwin/x86" screen
  13. dont think this works on sse2 systems, it restarts after the bootloader , tried booting with -v and -s and got the same results so i cant even get to the install menu