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  1. FullMetal

    PCSX2 on Mac ?

    Thanks for the forums man! I was wondering, if I were to compile pcsx2 from the source on my Macbook, would it fix any of the problems that I'm running into?
  2. FullMetal

    PCSX2 on Mac ?

    I've got the same problem as Adrien and Death Blade. I tried all of the fixes and the Xmas package, but to no avail... Is this just a problem with the Intel GMA 950?
  3. I say YAY! I believe that they should be allowed to get married. I would like to remind those who are anti-{censored} marriage that other religions have unions/marriages and don't care what your sexual preference is. Now if you really sit and think about this "ban on {censored} marriage" it just comes up as the United States goverment saying that it holds Christian view higher than views other religions. This then becomes religious descrimination which I'm pretty sure is the complete opposite from what our Melting Pot of a country was built on.
  4. FullMetal

    Kubuntu 6.06 LTS (dapper) Out Today

    Not only has Kubuntu been released, but plain old regular Gnome Ubuntu and its light-weight XCFE child Xubuntu have been released/updated!
  5. Here's my situation. The other day I decided to install Ubuntu 5.10 on my 30GB Hard Drive listed in my Sig. It installed fine and booted straight into Ubuntu, but all was not well! During the installatioin Ubuntu repartitioned my OSx86 drive and erased both my MBR and the partition that had Darwin on it and in their place installed Grub. I decided to setup Ubuntu and then try to setup a Grub dual-boot. Sadly I ran into a freaking ton of errors, one of which was my inability to go into super-user mode, and since I couldn't become root I couldn't edit grubs config file and I couldn't boot into OSX. I tried everything that I could with Linux (I even reinstalled it twice), but I came up empty every time. I eventually erased my linuc drive and erased my mbr. I'm currently booting using my osx install dvd, but it takes much longer to boot and its quite agrevating! I've tried to fix my problem, but I can't so I need help. Here's some info on my drive: Device Node: /dev/disk0 Device Identifier: disk0 Partition Type: FDisk_partition_scheme Bootable: Not bootable Media Type: Generic Protocol: ATA SMART Status: Not Supported Total Size: 149.1 GB Free Space: 0.0 B Read Only: No Ejectable: No OS 9 Drivers: No Low Level Format: Not Supported and here's what the diskutility says: Name : ST3160023A Type : Disk Disk Identifier : disk0 Media Name : ST3160023A Media Media Type : Generic Connection Bus : ATA Connection Type : Internal Connection ID : Device 0 Partition Type : FDisk_partition_scheme Device Tree : /PCI0@0/IDE0@1F,1/CHN0@0/@0:0 Writable : Yes Ejectable : No Mac OS 9 Drivers Installed : No Location : Internal Total Capacity : 149.1 GB (160,041,885,696 Bytes) S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported Disk Number : 0 Partition Number : 0 I'm in desperate need of help and sleep right now. Cheers, FullMetal
  6. FullMetal

    Apple Denies Closing Kernel

    Wundervoll! :):) For a minute there I actually thought they were going to close the source code!
  7. FullMetal

    Racism at Apple

    We already haz da segregation o’ da White Macbooks an’ da Black Macbooks on da Apple website. meh would no way be surprised if’in Apple waz rascist. This translation brought ta ya’ll by: http://www.writtenhumor.com/ebonics.html
  8. FullMetal

    New Apple Ads

    HOLY {censored}! The PC is one of the Daily Shows new corespondents!
  9. FullMetal

    Greatest MOVIES of all time ?!?

    1. Lord of the Rings Return of the King "I can't carry the ring, but I can carry you!" -Sam 2. Monty Python The Life of Brian "Did he just say 'Blessed are the Cheese-makers'?" Brian's Mother 3. Monty Python and The Holy Grail Bridgekeeper: "What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" King Arthur: "What do you mean? An African or European swallow?" Bridgekeeper: "Huh? I... I don't know that." 4. Grave of the Fireflies "Why do all the fireflies die?" 5. Lord of the Rings The Two Towers "YOU STUPID FAT HOBBIT YOU RUWENSD IT!" - Golem/Smeagol 6. Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring "Fool of a Took!!!" - Gandalf 7. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back "I AM your Father!" - Darth Vader 8. Serenity “Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.” - Mal 9. The original Matrix (The whole Blue/Red pill conversation!) 10. Stargate "Give my regards to King Tut, {censored}." - Col. Jack O'neil There's my top ten! On my list of worst movies are any Star Wars Movie made after 1983 and anything with Rob Schnieder in it!
  10. FullMetal

    Computer Names

    My Hackintel is called MACGuyver! I thought it fitting since Macguyver could make anything from anything, and since my Hackintel is made from your everyday PC parts!
  11. FullMetal

    AbiWord ported to Intel Mac

    Thanks for the port! Abiword used to take like 2 minutes to load now it loads in a couple of seconds! Here are some Before and after Screenshots! Before! After! Once again, thank you very much!
  12. Thanks for telling me about this app! Although the link in your post was dead, I was able to find a working download link! Here it is if anyone wants it: http://mac.softpedia.com/get/iPod-Tools/alterPod.shtml UPDATE: Well I tried to get it to work, but I keep getting this error message! Help would be appriciated! UPDATE2: I wasn't able to get the firmware off of my iPod, but I was able to get it out of the Apple iPod Firmware Updater! Now i just have to wait and see if I can get it on the iPods. Thanks!
  13. I recently bought a lot a six broken iPods, and so far have only got one working. Two of them need the iPod firmware on there Hard Disks in order for them to work correctly. I don't care what I have to do to get the Firmware off of the iPod (except of couse opening up the working one), but I need it! Thanks in advance
  14. I'm both ready and willing to buy an official release of Mac OS X for PC!
  15. I don't have the 10.4.3 kexts, but I still have the 10.4.1 kext! Here you go! ApplePS2Controller.kext.zip