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  1. I agreee, my Dell Lat. D630 has GMA X3100 too not GMA3100 ...!
  2. modification? can you direct me into concrete topic where can i solve this problem?
  3. hmm... apple, few day a go, has relased new macbooks with integrated x3100...
  4. hi again, does smb. have working wireless card on D630? wich driver i must install? really_guest: try turn off in bios multi core and everything what can you find about intelspeedstep... its works in my case
  5. i've tried to get it run with QI/CE with some intel drivers (for 950 or 900) of course without luck... i am still looking for working drivers but it's quite new graph. card and i am not sure if apple build it in theirs computers... maybe with new macbooks or macmini
  6. IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.4.3

    Hi guys can somebody send me IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.4.3? Thanks a lot webadmin@lmfree.sk
  7. maxxuss patch for 10.4.4

    and i want to make it? btw, i read maxxuss manual.
  8. can you give me step by step manual to patch mac os x 10.4.3 ? thanks
  9. marklar-tiger image is image for wmvare or to use with dd. it isnt fot boot. try some other torrent.
  10. Size of image file

    what is your size of image file from mac os x x86 10.4.3? i have 4,5 GB version. is there any other versions?
  11. Jezus, i am trying to initialize kext on my 10.4.3 and it ins't supported? this is horrible btw. i have vesa 3 graphic card (gf fx5200) and i cant change refresh rate to 75 Hz, i have still 60Hz. i try edit boot config and nothing? is there any other solutions? intel celeron d 2,8Ghz nvidia geforce fx5200 (on 60 hz working without CI and QE) msi 865 neo3-f ac'97 audio (working) Realtek LAN (working) Konica Minolta Dimage Z3 (yeah, this is working with iPhoto )