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    Alienware 15 R3 on OS X 10.12.6

    thanks xela, I did this installation the part and my focus was only to try to activate the video I did not care to activate the audio, in another SSD I have the high sierra with everything active and working and with dGPU disabled. I'm going to upload again this test system that I created and try to attach the ioreg here.
  2. iGeeek

    Alienware 15 R3 on OS X 10.12.6

    Hello, I have the Dell 7567 Notebook: Kaby Lake i7 7700HQ + HD630 dGPU 1050Ti 4GB Following this tutorial I was able to install the Sierra system and the nVidia card until it appears as the attached image, I was able to install the webdriver but it did not work as it should, well I think this is a great advance but since I do not understand much of hackintosh I I could not go any further, even obliged by the tutorial. Files: Terminal Saved Output.txt CLOVER.zip 1-png.304395