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  1. Having upgraded my AMD athlon 64 with 2GB mem to a dual core on a EP45-DS3 with 4GB@800Mhz last weekend. I thought, would having a much stabler system, until I started running Vuze. Starting to get grey screen (immediate reboot) out of the sudden. First I went into the direction of application which cause high I/O on network or WLAN and stuck the system, but it didn't convinzed me. Then I found some infos about the isssues the JMicron driver does have. Unfortunately, I need to use some PATA until end of week. To stabilize my system I followed the advises to test with a memory test tool. I choosed rember. Just after I clicked the rember start button on the default mem size settings, the system got stucked. I then bootet with maxmem=2048, and afterwards with maxmem=3072. On both settings, the whole test of rember went fine through. Even opening Vuze in parallel and doing some other stuff doesn't bring the system into my "BSOD". So, end of week, when getting rid of all my PATA devices, and switching off the JMicron in the BIOS, I'll try boot and rember again on the whole 4GB. P.S. I voted again to test with the patched JMicron .kext, as I trying to be as much as possible vanilla. Some of bad effects of patched things: Until yesterday my shutdown worked fine, until I applied a azalia patcher to get the onboard sound working. I do have now a 2-channel output, but shutdown doesn't switch off the PC anymore.... Havin now just SATA drives, and tested again with rember. No grey screen or kernel panic anymore with the full 4GB. (I didn't even remove the .kext ...)