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  1. Spiderman 3 Trailer

    i wonder if they will ever make a movie involving the clone saga. the scarlet spider was the THE MAN. but anyhow, spiderman 3 should be really good. it won't take much for it to be better than superman returns (i thought that was a borefest. honestly, lex was basically an evil realty agent and thats lame. had doomsday been in it though... that woulda owned.) spiderman 3 might even be better than batman begins or x3 if they do it right.
  2. Which part of the US is the best

    It's very true that we are different. It even goes back to Britain. The people of the northern states are more commonly of English/Irish decent where the southern states are typically more Scottish. If you look at the history of the British Isles it is plagued with nearly constant fighting between England and Scotland (Braveheart for example) historically the two groups just don't get along very well. It continues today as well, though not to the dramatic extent of the past. I'm all for a split, but a friendly split. Remaining allies and backing each other up in a war time situation but having the governments redone however the people of each country choose. That way there are no northerners sticking their nose in southern business or vice versa. An example of that was the 10 Commandments dispute in my state, Alabama, a couple of years back. I didn't care either way about the issue, I thought it should have been up to the people of the state of Alabama since it was our tax money, our state government and our home, and no one else because, well, it's no one else's business (this is the mentality of the southern states around the time of the war). But there were people from all over the place, New York, California, Nebraska, Georgia etc. in my state arguing about an issue that wasn't any of their business. The other southerners coming over didn't bug me so bad but on the principle of "It's our business and noone elses", I have to look down upon it, but people from completely different regions of the country that live completely different lifestyles should definately not have been involved. As long as you pressure the two groups of people to coexist there will be problems (small and big) so I am completely for a split (perhaps even have a western country as well) but alas, it will never happen and we will be forced to put up with eachother's {censored} Sorry if I derailed the topic.
  3. It gets even worse

    ever see v for vendetta? thats the type of world we are heading for and this is just one of the first steps. "Christians" (I put Christians in quotations because no true Christians would support a world without free will. Free will is the greatest gift God ever gave us.) ruling our lives, deciding everything for us. its called the New World Order and the Bushes are all for it.
  4. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    that was a sarcastic statement. i agree with you. id rather have a good girl than some floozy.
  5. my part of the country tried that about 150 years ago. the FEDERALIST decided that the small few who ran the country knew better than the massive amount of people that are supposed to run the country and were more important and the south got raped (though we killed more union soldiers than we lost, we just didnt have as many in reserves) i completely agree with you about the split i just dont ever see it happening.
  6. Tyrant closes libraries

    the revolution is coming... "Sic Semper Tyrannus" - John Wilkes Booth
  7. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    everyone has a right to do whatever they want (as long as they dont infringe on other people's rights) and being {censored} falls into that category. now if i see two dudes making out in public, im gonna call em out on it just as i will a guy and a girl. there is a time and a place for everything. i dont agree with homosexuality, the sight of it physically disgusts me, but as long as all parties are willing then folks can do it. that doesnt make me a homophobe, that makes me a dude that dont like something but acknowledges other people's right to enact in that something, no matter what my thoughts are on it morally. two chicks making out is hot though
  8. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    that doesnt mean he has anything against {censored} people. maybe he just dont want to see two guys making out. i sure as hell dont want to either. my stance has always been: be {censored} if you want to, just dont bring that {censored} around me.
  9. Rap-Rock type of bands: hed p.e Rage Against the Machine (much better than audioslave) Rehab Rap: Paradime (Kid Rock's DJ and a good rapper) Country: Shooter Jennings (Waylon Jenning's son) David Allan Coe Conway Twitty REAL country for the win. (not that {censored} they play on the radio these days...)
  10. Whats the best Laptop?

    i suggest buying a real Mac. downloading os x and installing it on a pc to see what its about is no big deal to me (i did it myself one time) but downloading it and then building a computer around it to make a fake Mac (or hackintosh as you call it) is a shame. i think if you like someone's product (i mean anyone's, not just computers) and want to use it, you should pay them for it. to not do so is dishonorable and outright stealing. however, to each his own.
  11. Linux vs. OS X

    I don't know what your doing with your Mac but I have the most basic Mini available (core solo, 512mb ram) because I'm a college kid and didnt have the cash to upgrade but I run OS X fine. Sure it bogs down sometimes with 4 or 5 apps running (safari, itunes, acquisition, adium and transmission) and it usually lags for a second when I use expose for the first time in a while (while using itunes or something else, not with nothing running) but overall it runs very well. i do intend to put a gig in there and a coreduo (ive heard i could put a core2duo in it but im not sure) in a year or so, but I get by just fine with a half gig of ram. On topic: Ubuntu is the only linux ive ever liked. i've tried several over the last 4 or 5 years and its the only one that is a decent desktop os. if it keeps up with the way its going now, then in a year or two it could possibly be a major contender with windows and osx as far as usability goes. With that in mind, OS X still wipes the floor with linux. Linux is way to dependant on the terminal (not that the terminal is a bad thing) for the average user and its a {censored} and a half to install stuff, especially if your not very comfortable with the terminal. Ubuntu gets a B for effort. OS X gets an A for being the best desktop OS available. Windows gets an FU for sucking ass.
  12. Music aint what it used to be

    im gonna guess that not many of you here listen to country music but it has really declined. in fact, country music is dead. all you hear now is what I affectionately call "southern pop." its horrible. everynow and then kenny chesney or alan jackson will make a good song but otherwise its dead. and its a damn shame because country music had a son, and he named it rock and roll and music dont get any better than old country and early rock n roll. (Elvis, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis etc.) as far as rock goes, the popular stuff is ok though im not a big fan of today's radio. im still living in the late 90's and early 2000's listening to "rap metal" like Kid Rock (his newer stuff is good to and he is a really underrated artist) Limp Bizkit, P.O.D, and Rage Against the Machine etc. (btw, f*** linkin park) pop = {censored} rap has had a few good songs over the years, mostly between 1986-1996. overall, rap sucks ass. LET'S GO!!
  13. Kid Rock shows are pretty badass.